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Distinguished Leaders of Strategy Execution


Our Distinguished Leaders of Strategy Execution have consistently excelled in their management profession, having attended the Strategy Execution Programme and are now sharing their experience and best practices in strategy execution.

Read more about their experience since attending the programme, and how they have applied the learning to their own business settings.

Tobias Moser

CEO and Co-Owner of Fischer Spindle Group, AG

There are all kind of hidden barriers that you need to negotiate and develop the flexibility to navigate along the way. What I learned at INSEAD are things that I still practice in my daily working life, in this regard.

Tobias attended the Strategy Execution Programme in 2018 in order to "sense check" an ambitious new business strategy to explore new business spaces. Tobias credits INSEAD and his peers with helping him accelerate the decision-making and the successful strategy execution that has led to the creation of Fischer Fuel Cell Compressor AG in 2020 – a new company of which he is now also CEO and Chairman.

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Gerrit Jan Konijnenberg

Director of Strategic Development at Telenor Maritime, Non-Executive Director at RoamsysNext

You see things you haven’t seen before or that you might have taken for granted. The Strategy Execution Programme made me really rethink corporate politics, and the difficulties we all have in breaking with old strategies or old behaviours that are no longer fit for purpose.

Gerrit completed the Strategy Execution Programme in 2017 to understand the dynamics of innovation, and why some strategies work well in certain contexts and others not so well – in particular what other companies and leaders do to drive success in their organisations. He found the intensive coaching sessions particularly valuable and discovered the importance of asking "the right questions", and listening to the answers.

Gerrit is also the Co-Chair of the INSEAD Strategy Execution Graduates Association and recently organised a 3-day class reunion recently in the historic settings of St-Emilion, to share how all SEP Graduates implemented the learnings from the programme.

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Christopher Stillings

VP Global Head of Color & Design Engineering Plastics at Covestro

You become so much more purposeful about your awareness of so many things, particularly of people and emotions, including yourself and your own.

Christopher completed the programme in 2018 in order to fine tune certain capabilities; among these, the skills and tools to stress test strategic plans, and then to track and evaluate the success of implementation. He discovered much more than he expected though, and found the human dimension of strategy implementation particularly important.

Since attending the programme, he has received positive responses from his teams and colleagues around his own leadership – qualitative feedback that speaks to enhanced feelings of autonomy and alignment among employees, which are so critical to the successful execution of a new strategy.

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