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Here is a sample of what participants have to say about their experience taking Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption.

The highlight for me was the focus on value capture and creation, which has helped to change the way I bring up my team when creating new offers and client solutions now I’m back at work.

Patrick Galiano
Project Director and Chief Digital Officer at Cegos

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I took away tools I can use a lot in my day-to-day work and in my frequent meetings with business leaders and senior management. So while the programme was strategic in nature, it was also providing tangible tools to help you execute a strategic plan. Another plus was that the timing meant I could fit the programme into my schedule over six to eight weeks. The Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption programme perfectly brings together strategy formulation and execution – something that is missing from most other curriculums of strategy courses.

Roald Larsen, Entrepreneur in Residence

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Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption helped me contextualise the challenges my organisation is facing in a disruptive environment and provided me with the strategic frameworks needed to assess future value propositions and help set the organisation’s direction. As an Operations Manager I am not normally given a lead role in strategy development but this course has really opened my eyes to the importance of strategy development and execution and given me the confidence to get more involved in the future. On a personal level, I really enjoyed the many engaging videos and case studies that Professor Zemsky shared with us. I was surprised at how engaging an online course with no face-to-face interaction could be and would definitely recommend it to anyone. The flexibility in doing an online course is what originally attracted me and it has enabled me to juggle my busy job and family life, and still be very active throughout the course. I think that the pace and the cadence required in the course forces you to stay on top of the learning curriculum which ultimately would contribute to the high level of engagement by all course participants. Thank you Professor Zemsky and the faculty for a great learning experience!

May McAlister, Retail Operations Manager - Synergy

The online course - Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption was the most well thought out and effectively structured course I have done to date. The content is highly relevant and engaging. The lecturer knows the material exceptionally well and also knows most of the global technology leaders personally. The format was engaging and suited to C level professionals. Most importantly, throughout the course, the Action Learning Project (ALP) was actually a real world project through which our private equity firm was able to not only develop a global digital strategy for one of our investee companies, but we were also able to gain insight and expertise from the learning coaches and INSEAD alumni. Truly an invaluable component of the course. Highly recommended!

Kevin O'Hara,Group CIO / Technology Investment Portfolio Manager -Tulla Private Equity Group

Given the VUCA world, it is a very relevant course conducted in an excellent manner. The online platform is stupendously easy to use and the course is structured in a very logical manner. The best part about the course is ALP, which helps one to really apply everything being learnt in the course to a real life situation.

Shruti Rustagi, General Manager - Idea Cellular

I have already been recommending this course to multiple friends and colleagues from across the world within various sectors. It is current and very timely, mostly useful for those who are interested in change models; those who are focused on understanding and identifying key disruptors to their industry whether public and / or private, and more importantly in developing robust strategy and execution, to be prepared for the negatives, yet embrace and be opportunistic with the positive disruptors.

Aisha Izzet, Director Advisory Unit - Takamol Holding
Saudi Arabia

One of the best learning experiences of my life. The program has been designed in an amazing manner and gives a lot of flexibility to the participants in taking time to assimilate the concepts. Wonderful use of digital to teach digital strategy.

Athar Mansoor, Assistant Postmaster General - Pakistan Post



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