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Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption

Develop a strategic response to the new digital possibilities and align your organisation for effective strategy execution

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5 weeks

Content Overview

Strategy in the Age of Digital Disruption is an online programme that requires you to work on multiple levels. The programme content is delivered over 5 weeks, with each week developing one part of the overall strategy framework to address the challenge of digital disruption.

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Launch Week*

Living in a Digital World

  • Introduction and programme logistics
  • Waves of digital disruption and opportunity
  • Digital industrial revolution
  • Lessons from the original industrial revolution
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Week 1

Getting FIT for a Digital Age

  • Keys to effective strategy in a digital age
  • Strategy as FIT
  • From threat to opportunity
  • Industry value chain
  • What does it mean to be tech savvy?
  • Understanding AI
  • Digital Transformation
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Week 2

Follow the Value

  • Prioritising digital opportunities
  • Emergence of sharing economy
  • Value Creation and Value Capture
  • B2B value creation
  • Willingness-to-pay
  • Social Value
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Week 3

Competing with Value

  • Achieving product-market fit
  • Driving a leap in value
  • Value capture
  • Sustaining superior value creation
  • Positive feedback
  • Added value
  • Competitive pressures
  • Blue Ocean strategy
  • Support functions in a digital age
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Week 4

Executing on Digital

  • How to execute your digital strategy
  • Strategic agility
  • Data culture
  • Resource accumulation
  • Executing on AI strategies
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Week 5

Seeing the Big Picture

  • Company value chain
  •  Integrated case: key activities with links to value creation, resources and industry value chain
  •  Integration: AI Traps and Pitfalls
  •  Seeing the big picture

*Launch Week starts on the Monday of Week 1. You will get access to familiarise yourself with the platform, do some preparatory work, and connect with your Learning Coach.

Your Online Learning Journey

Throughout the programme, an INSEAD Learning Coach will be guiding you and helping you maximise the impact of your learning journey.

*Please note the programme may include a pause week(s).

Action Learning Project

Understanding digital disruption and acquiring the critical strategic tools and frameworks provide the essential foundations for your digital transformation journey. Skilfully applying these acquired tools and frameworks to your own business context will be key to strategic success.

With this in mind, the Action-Learning Project (ALP) will give you the opportunity to practise applying your learning to your own business context. Working with the learning coach, you will design an ALP that is right for your organisation and your personal learning objectives. Typically, the ALP involves a variation on one of the following:

  • Develop a new digitally enabled value proposition that responds to the disruptive dynamics in your industry
  • Apply the tools and concepts from the programme to develop a strategic perspective on a specific project or initiative focused on leveraging new digital technologies
  • Analyse and reflect on the impact of digital on your industry and organisation, and that is developing strategic options for your organisation to respond to digital disruption.

For those attending the programme with a group of colleagues from the same company or organisation, the learning coach can help you structure a more ambitious team ALP to collaborate and work on together.

Alternatively, for those following the optional AI learning path, there will be a specialised ALP focusing on this topic.

There are three phases to the ALP process:

  • First, you will agree on the scope of your ALP with the learning coach, to make sure it aligns with the learning objectives of the programme and culminates in a concrete goal.
  • Second, in each of the five content weeks, you will apply the tools and concepts from that week to your ALP.
  • Third, at the end of the content weeks, you will synthesise elements from your weekly submissions to propose concrete strategic recommendations for your organisation, and submit them for peer review. In the final week of the programme, the peer review will take place, where every participant will review 2 to 4 other submissions and provide peer feedback. The final ALP and peer review process normally takes between 10-12 days after the programme content finishes.

Typical Week on an INSEAD Online Programme

Each week of content follows a very clear path to facilitate learning for busy executives. The platform allows participants to learn at their own pace during each week, by viewing the content, completing assignments and engaging in discussions, taking on average 4-6 hours per week to complete.


*This is the recommended number of hours per week however please note that working on the Action Learning Project (ALP) may require up to two additional hours/week.