Financial Analysis gives you the tools, the language and the confidence to work with balance sheets, income statements, cash flow and working capital. You master the financial KPIs and you come away feeling substantially more comfortable with the complexity. But perhaps more than that, you emerge from the programme a better decision-maker. And for that reason, I would recommend it to anyone.

Thierry Larenas
Head of Project Management

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This course exceeded my expectations. It contained up-to-date information very relevant to various industries. In addition, the course got me to do my own research in preparation of the weekly ALP; so the learning curve was beyond what I had anticipated. I was also lucky that the course timeline coincided with strategy developments within my firm; so I had the privilege of implementing immediately learned concepts into my business. I highly recommend the course.

Past Participant
Business Strategy and Financial Performance (previously Driving Value through Business Acumen)

This course is very unique in the market - Strategy and Finance, with its course set in Economics, Execution, and Common Sense. I would recommend this to anyone currently practicing strategy as part of their role.

David Warne, Director Strategy & Value - EMEA
Qlik, UK

For busy executives, it is the right platform to step back and reflect on a strategy to grow value in your business. As you select the project, you can refine your strategic project with INSEAD advice level, before executing it for good. Most of the time, we do not take the time to do such a vital exercise to bring value to our business.

Joelle Dirringer, APAC Fragrance Academy Director
Givaudan, China

Taught by outstanding and visionary professors, the course offers a concise but complete overview on how organizations elaborate agile strategy to take advantage of evolving external environment, make value driven decisions, and measure their financial performance to assess the impact of their choices. Thank to an interactive online platform and continuous feedbacks from assigned coaches, the students can apply the learning to develop a personal impactful strategic initiative valuable for their own work. This will help them distinguish themselves within their workplace and better understand the strategic direction and decisions of their respective company.

Alexandre Riel, Senior Strategic Planning

For a senior manager of a support department, the course provided a lot of value. Working as an effective Business Manager opens many doors for future improvement and growth. Such a program can be the starting point of a long term learning and growth experience.

Gianluca Tordi, HR Business Manager



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