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Executive Education

Participant of INSEAD programme who learnt about financial analysis for non-financial manager, appears to be engaged in a conversation with someone else.

Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Managers

Accelerate your understanding of core financial dimensions of business and develop the financial literacy to communicate your decisions both inside and outside of your organisation.

Upcoming Sessions
5 weeks

Participant Profile

Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Managers is designed for executives who require a better understanding of the financial impact of strategic choices. They are typically:

  • Decision makers within an organization overseeing significant resources
  • Mid- to senior-level executives without extensive training in accounting or finance
  • From functional areas outside of Finance, including: Operations; Marketing; Research and Engineering; Legal; Strategy; and General Management

For senior level executives who already possess some basic skills in finance and accounting but wish to develop these further we recommend INSEAD’s Finance for Executives programme. Finance for Executives is a residential programme that begins with a review of the basics of financial analysis, but moves on to more advanced topics such as the cost of capital; capital structure decisions; and mergers and acquisitions – among other topics.