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Here is a sample of what participants have to say about their experience taking Developing Emerging Leaders (previously known as Emerging Leaders in a Digital Age).

Constant learning has always been a bit of mantra of mine. So when I was promoted to leading my team at Cority last year, mid-Covid, I very much saw it as an opportunity to rise to new challenges, and to learn. Looking for a learning partner and a programme that really matched these challenges, I felt that INSEAD was by far the best match.

Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford, Director, International Sales

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A practical leadership course that is thought provoking and relevant to the current workplace. A great foundation of knowledge to set up for future and current leadership positions.

Ryan Gibson, National Account Manager
Reckitt Benckiser - Australia

The 'Emerging Leaders in a Digital Age' course took me on a journey of self discovery. Through a compelling weekly structure I gained insights on my leadership practices .The Action Learning Project created throughout these weeks will allow me to grow as an effective leader in the months to come.

Ignacio Alvarez, Team Leader - Cybersecurity Engineering
Kudelski Group

Leading change starts with you and this course is a great way to examine how well positioned you are to achieve just that. Gaining an understanding of your conscious and sub-conscious behaviours and how this impacts yourself and leading others is insightful and pragmatic. It certainly has given me a lot to think and take action about.

Cathryn van der Walt, Director
12 Worlds

It's such an inspiring course! I have shared a lot of the insights and tips with my colleagues and I can totally see myself starting a career in leadership programmes! I just loved it. And I wish people were less scared to look inside them and understand a lot of things that would make the working environment better, but also the world better. Thank you INSEAD!

Lavinia Maffia, Media Operations Manager  

The content is unlike what you learn in any other leadership course. Self-reflection and mastering the information your emotions are giving you will elevate you into a Leader with followers - not subordinates. Emerging Leaders in a Digital Age was my second INSEAD online course and delivered as expected. A contemporary take on leadership understanding how to master challenges of online learning.

Lenka Kaciakova, Head of HR

You might be enrolling this course to learn ways of leadership and effective collaboration in the context of digital. What you may not realize that the content, flow and way it is delivered is so consuming and engaging that with every passing moment, your interest will grow. And by the time you are done with week 1, you will realize your overall goal will evolve resulting in the actual outcome proving to be far better than what your intended outcome from this course was. If you think you will just swift through this course only for the sake of passing it, don't! The learning, exercises and practices that you get exposed to in this course, when put to practice; you realize that your leadership practice evolves overall for good.

Javed Iqbal Lodhi, Territory Sales Manager
Oracle Systems

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