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Content Overview


Developing Emerging Leaders is an online programme delivered over 5 weeks that requires you to work on multiple levels. Each week develops one part of the overall the three following topics. 



Leading yourself


  • Learn to monitor yourself and your behaviour at work
  • Mould different aspects of yourself to become an effective and mindful leader
  • Develop the practice of mindfulness to become aware of your surroundings and manage your emotions


Leading others


  • Create a work environment that motivates your team and helps them realise their full potential
  • Discover techniques that can help you understand your relationships with yourself and others
  • Learn how to give effective feedback and have difficult conversations


Leading teams


  • Learn what is different about collaborations in a digital organisation
  • Create conditions conducive to forming effective and successful collaborations, especially in the face of a digital transformation
  • Face the challenge of building a shared mindset, shared identity and shared understanding in a digital age

Your Online Learning Journey

Throughout the programme, an INSEAD Learning Coach will be guiding you and helping you maximise the impact of your learning journey.

*Please note the programme may include a pause week(s).

Action Learning Project


Developing your leadership skills is critical to driving business success for your organisation in these turbulent times. Skilfully applying these skills to your own role in leading yourself and high-performing teams is key to helping them realise their full potential and seize the opportunities the digital revolution presents.

With this in mind, the Action Learning Project (ALP) will be focusing on building your Leadership Action Plan, and will give you the opportunity to practise applying your learning to your own leadership role. The ALP will take you on a step-by-step journey to develop a leadership practice that you can hone while managing yourself and team in the digital era. You will begin with a reflection on how to lead yourself in the situations you are currently faced with. You will subsequently build on it by developing and practising skills and behaviours to manage others in your team while forming effective collaborations. You will also be challenged to reflect on the impact of digital on your current leadership practice. The ALP will culminate in you having developed a leadership practice that is most effective for your role in setting up your team for growth and success.

There are 3 phases to the ALP process: First, you will agree on the scope of your ALP with the learning coach, to make sure it aligns with the learning objectives of the programme and culminates in a concrete goal. Second, in each of the 5 content weeks, you will apply the concepts from that week to your ALP. Third, in Week 6, you will synthesise elements from your weekly submissions into a coherent leadership practice and submit it for peer review in Week 7, the final week of the programme. All participants will review 3 to 4 other submissions and provide peer feedback. The final ALP and peer review process normally takes between 10-12 days after the programme content finishes.

Typical Week on an INSEAD Online Programme

Each week of content follows a very clear path to facilitate learning for busy executives. The platform allows participants to learn at their own pace during each week, by viewing the content, completing assignments and engaging in discussions, taking on average 4-6 hours per week to complete.

*This is the recommended number of hours per week however please note that working on the Action Learning Project (ALP) may require up to two additional hours/week.

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