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Driving Digital Marketing Strategy: a programme that “delivers real learning”


Liv Trolle

Liv Trolle reveals how the Driving Digital Marketing Strategy programme challenged her to implement the learnings and pushed her to think outside the box.

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Driving Digital Marketing Strategy: a programme that “delivers real learning”

Coloplast’s Liv Trolle came away from INSEAD with affirmation about her own ideas and instinct, but also a comprehensive toolkit to build a digital strategy firmly rooted in customer experience, customer journey and success.Especially working on her Action Learning Project (ALP) with a personalised Learning Coach made her think outside the box and embrace new ideas and approaches.

In the Digital Age, things move and change fast. And that includes the way that businesses connect with their customers. Building the knowledge and the toolbox to create new digital channels for customer engagement is a priority for managers and executives in all markets and segments; and the medtech industry is no exception, says Liv Trolle.

Trolle is Senior Manager for Sales Excellence and Customer Engagement with Coloplast, a global intimate healthcare medical device producers, headquartered in Denmark. Part of her responsibility is to develop and drive programmes that build awareness of the company’s services and offerings to their primary customers – healthcare professionals. Tasked with setting the agenda and direction of this work in order to reach more clients, Trolle embarked on some research that led to two critical discoveries.

“The Medtech industry like many others is being disrupted by digital innovation and change. Digging into new and emerging needs, I found that we really needed to develop our digital presence, strategy and channels to engage our customers more effectively,” she says. “Simultaneously I became aware of my own need to develop the knowledge and the right tools to build new engagement programmes.”

These twin needs were behind her decision to join the INSEAD Driving Digital Marketing Strategy programme in 2021, from which she emerged with a distinction.

“INSEAD and the programme simply ticked all the boxes. I wanted a learning experience that would really challenge me but that would also provide the knowledge, the structure and the coaching support I was looking for.”

From very start, she says, the programme “just delivered.” Ahead of the formal kick off, she and her peers enjoyed full access to structure and content, meaning she could plan ahead and organise her time optimally to get the most from her learning – an aspect that “really catered to my needs,” she adds. Then there was the portal itself.

“Being an Online programme, it needed to be easy to use and navigate. The INSEAD portal was surprisingly intuitive and simple, making it really pleasurable to use.”

Live sessions with faculty were also great, says Trolle. Not only were content and real-world case studies expertly matched to challenges, making them fresh and relevant, she says, but professors made a point of going back to focus on participants’ specific questions or doubts.

“The whole experience is really moulded to real-world needs. From the Action Learning Project (ALP) and weekly assignments, to the work with a personalised learning coach, you are really pushed and challenged to think outside the box and embrace new ideas and approaches. It’s just fantastic.”

Trolle’s ALP – her opportunity to apply the learning directly and in real time to her most pressing needs – was focused on mapping the customer journey and experience and leveraging complex digital data such as Google Analytics, to formulate a new strategy.

“The beauty of the ALP is that it is fully integrated into the programme. Week over week you have the chance to build on your project and join the dots around the topics and ideas that come up in class, as you pull your plan or solution together. It’s hugely valuable.”

Coming out of the programme, Trolle says that she has had welcome affirmation around the work she had been doing prior to INSEAD, while at the same time, a hugely beneficial opportunity to build more refined tools to drive her own digital marketing strategy.

“I was very pleased to see that I’ve been on the right track all this time – the programme has confirmed that. But there’s still so much learning that it gives you. You come away with the tools and the content – the knowledge and ideas – to rethink how you approach strategy in the context of the user journey. And how you drive that strategy to reach your goals.”

Anyone considering this programme should be aware that the experience is challenging, Trolle adds. And that means being willing to make the commitment.

“If you come to INSEAD, you come for real learning. So you need to be prepared to juggle your job, your family responsibilities and your time. You’ll be hugely challenged so be ready to make the commitment to embrace new ideas and drive change in your life.”

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