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Here is a sample of what participants have to say about the value of The Leadership Transition programme.

INSEAD challenges you to open yourself up and shed your old self in a sense. You have to allow new ideas come in and sink inside you. And that makes it challenging. The experience is also hugely insightful because it sheds so much light on the way that you think about things. And it’s motivating because there’s a constant forward momentum to build on what you’re learning and attain a higher degree of consciousness in the way you think and the decisions you make.

Stelios Sousamoglou
Head of Funding and Investments within the Treasury of the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank

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Based on the school’s reputation and what my friend had shared with me, I expected the teaching and the materials to be first class. So yes, I had very high expectations. And they were met and exceeded in every sense. It’s simply world-class. The calibre and quality of the INSEAD experience are unique. It’s also so enriching to have the opportunity to go back to school in a sense, and to invest in yourself both personally and professionally. Doing that at INSEAD is just an outstanding experience.

Cristina Miotto
Global Strategic Marketing Manager at The Dow Chemical Company in Horgen, Switzerland

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The Leadership Transition was a great and highly stimulating experience. The Programme Director - Professor José-Luis Alvarez - is very inspiring passing as he does from theory to practice. The combination of both plenary meeting and work in smaller groups with executives from around the world - allows for very rich exchanges. In addition, the 360° assessment carried out before the start of the week directly links the programme and theory to the professional reality in which we find ourselves. It is also particularly interesting to follow up the first module with a second (shorter) module after a few weeks’ time, with the aim to pursue the action plan established at the end of the first module. Finally the environment created at INSEAD is such that we are reluctant to leave at the end of the programme… All this make this programme very appealing. I strongly recommend it!

Sébastien de Brouwer
Executive Director (Retail, Legal, Economic & Social Policy)
European Banking Federation

The Leadership Transition programme provided me with further and deeper insights into leadership and its importance. It gave me the opportunity to reflect on my personality, preferences and style and to put this into the context of an international group of managers all looking for the same insights. In particular, it gave me the awareness of how important it is to manage one’s own leadership transition process well and thoroughly. The programme is structured around an excellent mix of learning and teaching styles and techniques. I am glad that I had the opportunity to attend this programme right before my next change in leadership position.

Director, BASF, Germany

The Leadership Transition is specially designed for leaders in transition and I am sure this programme helped a lot of participants to point out their future career path, just like it helped me.

Chief Analyst & Head of Fixed Income, Danske Bank, Denmark

It provides an opportunity to learn about yourself in a contest-free environment, and also raise your awareness about leadership necessities, for example, networking, power, being present.

Director, Business Development, Infineon Technologies, Germany

Everyone reaches a transition point in their career. This programme really helps you understand the dynamics and what’s going on in your mind – and provides a lot of clarity. It is also an ‘intimate’ programme with lots of experience sharing, which is very beneficial.

Head, Tobacco Taxation, JT International, Switzerland

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