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Content Overview


The Leadership Transition aims to develop participants’ leadership capacity. Participants increase their personal understanding of leadership and then close the gap between this understanding and effective action. 

Combining the latest leadership models with recent thinking on how adults learn and change, the programme utilises a variety of learning techniques, including  case discussions, experiential exercises, role plays and group coaching – enabling participants to increase their leadership potential.



Understand what makes a leader and learn to personalise the behavioural model for yourself and your organisation.



Compare and contrast yourself with a variety of leaders by analysing their styles through videos and film.



Few leaders make decisions alone. Understand the hidden dynamics of your team’s behaviour and leverage your team more effectively.



Diagnose the political landscape of your organisation and get things done through effective informal networks.



Use feedback for self-improvement and acquire new coaching skills to develop an individual action plan.

Learning Journey



Preparing for take-off

You will come to the programme equipped with preliminary data about yourself, your objectives and your context, through a 360-degree assessment.


While you are with us

A series of innovative sessions on practices and processes, using case discussions, experiential exercises, role plays and group coaching, will increase your leadership potential.


Managing re-entry

You will implement an action plan and check your progress mid-way with your coaches. During the two-day follow-up, you will be exposed to cutting edge thought leadership on the challenges of leading in the future of work.

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