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Executive Education

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Management Acceleration Programme

Expand your business expertise and give yourself the confidence you need to take that next step into management. For individual contributors who aspire to – or have recently gained – management responsibilities.

Upcoming Sessions
Blended, Singapore
Approximately 2 months
S$ 23,600

Content Overview

The Management Acceleration Programme curriculum is designed to serve three aims: strengthening your leadership foundations; sharpening your strategic insight; and broadening your business expertise. It provides you with the perspectives and tools to understand and to manage all aspects of a business in such a way as to create value. Content-driven session streams alternate with experiential opportunities designed to make the learning personal and integrate it into a coherent, actionable whole. Furthermore, our optional follow-up virtual coaching sessions maximise participants’ ongoing learning and development in the months following their return to the workplace – thereby leveraging their own and their organisations’ investment in the programme.



Leadership foundations

Examine how, why, and on whose behalf you lead in your work. Acquire the skills to lead and work within diverse teams and across functions and cultures. Topics covered include:

  • Developing your own and others' leadership talent
  • Giving and receiving effective feedback
  • Understanding, motivating and communicating within teams
  • Exercising influence without formal authority
  • Harnessing organisational culture and managing across cultures
  • Leading organisational change.


Strategic insight

Grasp the essence of strategic analysis, including how to compete as a single company within a single industry and how to build and manage a portfolio of businesses. Topics covered include:

  • Analysis by industry, market and competition
  • Developing and sustaining competitive advantage
  • Changing the rules of the game – Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Strategic resources and alliances
  • Corporate expansion, mergers and acquisitions.


Business expertise

Embark on a learning journey through all parts of a business that create, capture and deliver value. Gain a broad perspective on business and of each fundamental area. Topics covered include:

  • The key types of financial statements and their use for strategic decision-making
  • Management accounting systems and the tools to identify relevant information
  • Making structured marketing decisions in situations that initially seem totally unstructured
  • The challenges to value creation in a supply network and co-ordinating initiatives for value capture.

Learning Methodology

The Management Acceleration Programme includes a variety of learning methodologies:

  • Interactive lectures to grasp the latest thinking and foundational concepts
  • Case discussions based on real-life business dilemmas
  • Work in diverse teams that provide perspectives different than your own
  • Experiential activities to practise and examine your leadership in conditions of uncertainty
  • Feedback from our faculty members, classmates and colleagues at work through a 360° instrument
  • Group consulting and personal coaching to assist your learning, reflection and future planning
  • Simulations to integrate your knowledge and skills in a competitive yet low-risk environment.

Please note that the Management Acceleration Programme runs across three consecutive weeks and does include some evenings and weekends work. Many of the experiential leadership activities will take place during the course of the first weekend of the programme. This is an integral part of the learning and will involve individual and group work. Therefore full participation is required by all those attending the programme.

Learning Journey

New organisational forms

Application interview

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360° Survey

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Pre-reading material


Interactive lectures


Case studies


Simulations and experiential learning

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Individual, group and peer coaching

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Join a community of INSEAD alumni

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Access to an online platform and to aid with networking and continuous learning


Optional follow-up coaching

Optional follow-up coaching for learning enhancement

Just as the programme preparation is designed to maximise participants’ learning while on campus, so our follow-up virtual coaching sessions are designed to maximise participants’ ongoing learning and development in the months following their return to the workplace – thereby leveraging their own and their organisation's investment in the programme.

Included in the programme fee is one follow-up coaching session. We also offer an additional five virtual follow-up sessions, not included in the tuition fee. The sessions each last one hour and are conducted over the telephone and/or internet telecoms. They are entirely confidential. To be eligible, participants must have attended the programme in the past 12 months.