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Content Overview


The Value Creation for Owners and Directors programme develops both knowledge and actionable skills during four days of focused engagement. Our frameworks and tools enable you to pursue a more systematic, principled and disciplined approach to value creation.

The programme covers six essential topics as follows.


Ownership and director challenges

  • The five dimensions of owner and director challenges in the pursuit of value creation
  • Overcoming the hurdles to sustainable value creation


Leadership dynamics

  • Understanding owners and directors' biases and assessing how they negatively impact the value creation process as well as the link between ownership/family problems and firm and corporate issues
  • Addressing behavioural pitfalls that lead to wrong decisions of boards and managers and distort their interactions
  • The key principle of fair process leadership
  • The creation of mutual trust and commitment


Value creation

  • Understanding the different facets and meaning of value creation for owners, directors and managers
  • Relating financial value to Corporate Social Investment Policies and Impact investing
  • Identifying the key financial issues that your company faces in growing
  • Determining your goals
  • Developing a set of tools to screen corporate financial policies and growth plans


Managing risk and coping with disruption

  • Identifying key risk domains
  • Assessing the risk of obsolescence and how ownership and boards should cope with disruption
  • Developing an effective risk management strategy and process



  • Growth: the main source of value creation
  • The various strategic options for growth: organic growth, M&As, strategic alliances and international expansion
  • Insights to select the right strategy and ensure successful growth
  • Growth, continuous innovation and coping with disruption: an ownership/director's approach


Performance evaluation

  • How to evaluate your value creation strategy – and adapt it for implementation
  • Internal and external auditing
  • The fundamental choices of the owner: exit, voice or loyalty

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