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Content Overview


Advanced Strategy for Directors is built around the following major themes:

  • Understanding the necessity of constructing competitive advantage, particularly in today’s turbulent global environment
  • Reviewing the key questions of disruption and substitution, the role digitisation holds in relation to these, and opportunities for building critical mass in these new environments
  • Recognising the growing importance of an organisation’s ecosystem and dynamics, and their implications for profit opportunities
  • Deepening our understanding of the changing nature of the business environment, with an emphasis on the global and digital transformations of our world
  • Examining the implications of these contextual changes for organisations and their strategies, and conversely recognising the constraints such contexts impose on strategy
  • Reviewing the processes required for boards to address these issues effectively.
Most of the content presented in this programme has been developed by the INSEAD faculty and is unique, even though it deals with generic and vital issues affecting every organisation. 


Profit dynamics in industries and industrial ecosystems

This session provides models and tools to help board directors navigate the strategy field in ecosystems where circular dependence among firms makes the task more complex than in more linear and less interdependent environments.



Constructing competitive advantage

Identifying new value opportunities is an essential part of the search for competitive advantage. While value creation opportunities are in constant flux, the mechanisms for establishing competitive advantage are relatively unchanging. This session discusses these mechanisms.


Substitution, disruption and digitisation

This session helps board members reflect on how to anticipate and reflect upon the vagaries and opportunities of substitution and disruption. It zooms in on the opportunities and challenges of substitution, models that predict the impact on firms and markets, and possible responses for incumbents.


Platforms and ecosystems: Building critical mass

Success and failure in ecosystems tend to occur much faster than in traditional linear supply chains, due to the circular dependencies among firms. This session addresses several questions related to creating and winning in ecosystems.



“Outside-In”: The changing nature of the business environment

Having examined the fundamentals of strategising, we now turn to novel aspects of strategy in the modern world. This session explores how the outside world – the organisation’s environment – shapes the company’s business strategy and impacts the company’s performance, and what this means for the board of directors.



“Inside-out”: The influence of the organisation on strategy and on its environment

In the second “macro” session, we turn inside the company and examine how the organisation (structure, culture, politics) impacts the company’s performance.



Strategy making in an emerging digital world

This session explores examples of companies facing digital disruption to reflect on the relationship between strategy, the organisation and its environment. We will also examine the role of the board in the strategy-making process.



Strategy as process

Explore how the board can ensure that a well-structured process is in place, and that sufficient attention is devoted to the development, monitoring and adaptation of the organisation’s strategy.


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