10 October 2020

Digital Reunion - 14:30 CET

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Dear alumni,

As you have experienced for yourself, INSEAD is a unique institution. In keeping with the school’s renowned entrepreneurial spirit, we have created a special digital reunion for you!

Our approach is incorporate some of the best aspects of traditional in-person reunions in an online event that allows you to reconnect with your classmates and the school. The programme will begin with an “INSEAD Update”, followed by breakout sessions for networking and fun activities with your class.

Many thanks to the class volunteers who collaborated with the Alumni Reunions team to develop an innovative programme that allows you to relive special INSEAD moments. Not an easy feat during these challenging times.

Every year, I look forward to the reunions but this year, more than ever. I am eager to hear stories of how our alumni have weathered the pandemic and the economic consequences—the difficulties that you have faced, how you have met the challenges and where you have discovered new possibilities.

As you know, I believe that INSEAD is a force for good in the world. Let’s meet up online for your reunion to explore what that means in today’s context and to simply enjoy the great pleasure of each other’s company!

With best wishes,


Ilian Mihov

*Please bookmark this page for updates on your digital reunion, celebrations for your class and links to class gift campaigns.


Start the weekend with a Faculty Webinar on Friday – specially organised in conjunction with the reunion.

Your Reunion on Saturday will start with an opening address by our Senior Director of Development, followed by a school update from the Dean of INSEAD and Associate Dean of Advancement.

After the plenary session, you will be directed to a class-specific session led by your class volunteers.
The schedule below is tentative, so be sure to check again for updates in the coming weeks.

Time (CET)Session

Now What? Truths Revealed and Reforms Implied

Subi Rangan, Professor of Strategy and Management
The Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court Endowed Chair in Societal Progress

“Hell is truth seen too late!” wrote Hobbes in Leviathan (1651). Even before the Covid-19 we’d been witnessing a severe “fraying of the old” and a still unclear “arrival of the new.” The pandemic has brought us to the brink. If we can see the truth and act on it, we may avert the acute from morphing into the chronic. There are no vaccines for what otherwise lies ahead. In this informal session, I will share reflections on the preceding. I will outline implications for business organisations and for business schools. As the wise note, making predictions is hard, especially about the future! That promises a lively exchange.

Time (CET)Session

Opening address

Emily Robin, Senior Director, Development, INSEAD


School update

Ilian Mihov, Dean, INSEAD
Peter Zemsky, Deputy Dean and Dean of Innovation, INSEAD
Nida Januskis, Associate Dean, Advancement, INSEAD

Emily Robin, Senior Director, Development, INSEAD
15:15 - 16:30

Class meetings - specific links have been shared with you by email. For any questions, please contact [email protected]

  • MBA'75
  • MBA'80
  • MBA'85J
  • MBA'85D
  • MBA'90J
  • MBA'90D


  • Nida Januskis

    Associate Dean, Advancement, INSEAD

  • Ilian Mihov

    Dean of INSEAD
    Professor of Economics
    The Rausing Chaired Professor of Economic and Business Transformation, INSEAD

  • Subi Rangan

    Professor of Strategy and Management
    The Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court Endowed Chair in Societal Progress, INSEAD

  • Emily Robin

    Senior Director, Development, INSEAD

  • Peter Zemsky

    Deputy Dean
    Dean of Innovation
    The Eli Lilly Chaired Professor of Strategy and Innovation


Participants List

The participant's list is subject to change. An updated version of the attendees list will be posted once a week.

View the password protected participants list here


Should you wish to receive the password or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]


Making it happen

Get involved in the organisation of your reunion. Make a difference to this alumni reunion weekend.

INSEAD would like to thank our Reunion volunteers:

Class of MBA'75

Reunion Chair - Richard Hallows
Reunion Commitee - Patrick Berthon, Gerhard Gumbel, Nabil Kassatly, Giovanni Ortolani, Gérard Sikias, Jürg Winter.
Reunion Fund Chair - Patrick Berthon
Reunion Fund Committee - Norbert Bierbaum, Thomas Bittner, Timothy Jones, Leonidas Los, Patrizio Rinaldi

Class of MBA'80

Reunion Chair - 

Class of MBA'85J

Reunion Co-Chairs - Ali Farquhar and Florence Hamilton

Class of MBA'85D

Reunion Chair

Class of MBA'90J

Reunion Co-Chairs - Bruno Cohen and Jane Stringfellow
Reunion Committee - Charles Halpin, Jill Atherton, Rossana Berardinelli, Olivier Lebel, Sascha Nick, Caroll Plummer, Christoph Senft
Reunion Fund Co-Chairs - Jeremy Bradshaw and Ruth Saunders
Reunion Fund Committee - Takashi Adachi, Berthold Hackl, Tom Cahill, Geoff Chatas, Lisa Deschamps, Takahiko Eguchi, Patrick Firmenich, Richard Goldstein, Charles Halpin, Christian Hultner, Lorie Karnath, Stephen Ko, Sean Lafleur, Mary Anne Stewart

Class of MBA'90D

Reunion Co-Chairs - Aref Lahham, Peter Read, Kevin Ryan, Helen C Stevens, Helen Wellian
Reunion Fund Co-Chairs - Aref Lahham and Kevin Ryan

If you would like to learn more about becoming an alumni volunteer, please contact:

Marie Ferreira for MBA'85J&D and MBA'90J&D classes
Associate Director, Alumni and Institutional Events
Tel: +33 1 60 72 42 74

Stéphanie Paille for MBA'75 and MBA'80 classes
Reunion Manager, Alumni and Institutional Events
Tel: +33 1 60 72 44 69

Giving back

All returning classes are fundraising and the majority of alumni make a gift to the INSEAD Fund for their reunion anniversary. The INSEAD Fund is the School’s annual fund, allowing donors to direct their gift to a number of key areas: Scholarships (MBA’75 Nelson Mandela Endowed Scholarship, MBA’80 Endowed Scholarship, MBA Scholarships), the Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society, Campus Renewal, Faculty & Research, [email protected] and the Dean’s Fund/Greatest Impact.

Most donors choose the Dean’s Fund/Greatest Impact as this sustains vital programmes like scholarships and research, and supports emerging opportunities, including innovative projects that arise during the academic year.

Of course, donors who make a gift to an area outside of the INSEAD Fund are still counted in the class total. If you’re thinking about a gift for a specific project, or would like to know how far you are from achieving your next Salamander, please contact Laurence Laemmel on the INSEAD Advancement team.

Alumni who commit to making a legacy gift to INSEAD are also recognised, and if you’re thinking about leaving a gift to INSEAD in your will or estate planning, please contact Laurence who would be happy to help you with this.

All gifts will be counted to the class total, and also count towards participation in the INSEAD Force For Good campaign.

Thank you for making a gift.

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