Welcome back classes of MBA'62, MBA'73, MBA'78, MBA'83J&D and MBA'88J&D!

5 - 6 October 2018

Europe campus

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Dear Alumni,

As you have experienced for yourself, INSEAD is a truly unique institution. We graduate inspired individuals equipped with sound business knowledge and valuable international perspectives. By staying true to our founders’ vision, we have become a top-ranked business school known for its diversity, entrepreneurial spirit and unmatched global reach.

This reunion weekend is a special one. As you may have heard, the school will launch The Campaign for INSEAD, a capital campaign which will enable us to accelerate the funding of key priorities based on our Values, Vision and Ventures as we advance Business as a Force for Good. I hope you will join us for the launch celebrations on 5th October, more details can be found here.

I am both excited to share my plans with you and eager to hear your views. Our Alumni Reunions team has put together an incredible programme. Besides the plenary session, that focuses on the MBA programme and our alumni network, our faculty forums also will cover important issues that drive today’s business world.

Throughout the weekend’s social and networking events, your reunion will provide you with the ideal opportunity to enrich your INSEAD experiences. I encourage you to not only reconnect with your former classmates, but also to interact with alumni of other classes who exemplify the same INSEAD spirit.

I look forward to spending time with you this special weekend. Please join me in working to realise the incredible potential of INSEAD. We have a powerful network of close to 56,000 alumni in 174 countries. United, we can forge an ambitious future for our school.

Ilian Mihov


*The programme is subject to changes - please check this webpage regularly for updates.

Friday 5 October


Force for Good Conference

An intense half-day of faculty lectures and panel discussions around how businesses can be a force for good. The Conference will also inaugurate the INSEAD Global Institute for Business and Society.

 As a reunion attendee, you are welcome to join.

Amphi A

Campaign Launch Celebration

This gala event has been organised to celebrate the launch of the new campaign for INSEAD. As a reunion attendee, you are welcome to join us for an evening of celebration - INSEAD style.
Dress: Black tie or national dress, suit, evening or cocktail dress

Château de Fontainebleau

Saturday 6 October

8:00Registration and welcome coffeeUpper Gallery

Europe's Revolution

Jonathan Story, Emeritus Professor of International Political Economy; The Shell Fellow in Economic Transformation, Emeritus

The EU is embarked on a revolutionary experiment or more exactly on a series of revolutionary experiments. The reasons for this are rooted in the history of the twentieth century; but they are being implemented in the conditions of the 21st. What is crucial in the twenty first century is legitimacy. The EU does not have the legitimacy commensurate with its ambitions. So it either has to cut back on ambitions or to cut back on legitimacy.

Amphi A
10:15Coffee Break 

INSEAD Present and Future

Nida JanuskisAssociate Dean, Advancement
Urs Peyer, Dean of Degree Programmes, Associate Professor of Finance
Peter Zemsky, Deputy Dean / Dean of Innovation
The Eli Lilly Chaired Professor of Strategy and Innovation, Professor of Strategy
Ilian Mihov, Dean of INSEAD, The Rausing Chaired Professor of Economic and Business Transformation, Professor of Economics

Amphi A
12:00Lunch and group photosINSEAD

Fireside chat with the Deans

Ilian Mihov, Dean of INSEAD, The Rausing Chaired Professor of Economic and Business Transformation, Professor of Economics
Peter Zemsky, Deputy Dean / Dean of Innovation
The Eli Lilly Chaired Professor of Strategy and Innovation, Professor of Strategy

Amphi B

Business and business schools as "a force for good": wishful thinking or categorical imperative?

Media reports – quasi daily and in many countries - situations where corporations, their leaders and managers, seem to have a broken moral compass inducing negative consequences for people and for the planet. Governments hope to regulate, international organisations put pressure, society reacts negatively while trust in business and in its leaders has vanished, with serious consequences for corporations and for society. Could business schools become a "force for good", having a significant positive impact on business leaders and on their practices? Taking an example from China (with the use of a short case) we will question where change could come from and whether business schools can really do something about it and become "a force for good".

Henri-Claude de Bettignies, Emeritus Professor of Asian Business; The Aviva Chair in Leadership and Responsibility, Emeritus 

Amphi A

What's at Play? Fair Process Leadership challenges in Sports

Sports organisations are often plagued by serious governance deficits and dysfunctionalaties. Frans Cornelis experienced them first hand. He used the principles taught at the International Directors Program to identify and fix them. This is a short version of the story of his journey, which is now being transformed into a new INSEAD Governance case study.

Jose-Luis Alvarez, Senior Affiliate Professor of Leadership and Organisational Behaviour
Academic Director, INSEAD Corporate Governance Centre
Frans Cornelis, MBA'83J

16:00Coffee break 

Class meetings organised by volunteers or free time

18:15Dean's Leadership reception (by invitation only)Cercle 
19:30MBA'62 reunion class dinner kindly hosted by Annie and Claude Rameau 
20:00MBA'73, MBA'78, MBA'83J&D, MBA'88J&D Reunion class dinners followed by dancing
Dress code: black tie/evening dress or cocktail attire/cocktail dress
Château de Fontainebleau

Sunday 7 October


MBA'78 class 2 hours walk in forest guided by Luigi Mencarelli
Meeting point: INSEAD bar

11:00Session on mindfulness with Rani Bhatia-Durand, MBA'91D
Mindfulness practice has been shown to be beneficial in reducing stress and well being in a number of studies. The objective of the session will be on how mindfulness can be useful to your daily lives be at work or at home to create the lives you yearn for. 

Amphi B
12:00Interested in a farewell lunch on campus? Meet your friends at the INSEAD restaurant. It will be specially open for you and your family until 14:45 (pay as you go)INSEAD Restaurant


  • Ilian Mihov

    Dean of INSEAD
    Professor of Economics
    The Rausing Chaired Professor of Economic and Business Transformation, INSEAD

  • Urs Peyer

    Dean of Degree Programs
    Associate Professor of Finance, INSEAD

  • Nida Januskis

    Associate Dean, Advancement, INSEAD

  • Jonathan Story

    Emeritus Professor of International Political Economy, The Shell Fellow in Economic Transformation, Emeritus

  • Henri-Claude de Bettignies

    Emeritus Professor of Asian Business, The Aviva Chair in Leadership and Responsibility, Emeritus


Registration and who is coming

Class of MBA'62 - click here
Class of MBA'73 - click here
Class of MBA'78 - click here
Class of MBA'83J - click here
Class of MBA'83D - click here
Class of MBA'88J - click here
Class of MBA'88D - click here

Accommodation options

INSEAD has made block bookings in area hotels for our alumni returning for the Reunion Weekend but please don't delay as we expect a high demand for rooms. In order to have the best rates and to secure your booking in the following hotels of Fontainebleau, please contact the hotel ahead of time and mention the code AROCT18 as the capacity in Fontainebleau is limited.

Below is a list of hotels including INSEAD residences:



INSEAD Residences

Hôtel Aigle Noir ****
27 Place Napoléon Bonaparte
77300 Fontainebleau
Tel: +33 (0)1 6074 6000
Fax: +33 (0)1 6074 6001
Prices per night: as of 175€

Contact this hotel

Hotel Clos St Merry ****
49 bis, rue Saint Merry
77300 Fontainebleau
Tel: +33 (0)1 6071 2700
Fax: +33 (0)1 6071 2782
Prices per night: as of 135€

Contact this hotel

Hotel Ermitage ***
Route de l’Ermitage (on campus)
77300 Fontainebleau
Tel: +33 (0)1 6072 4050
Fax: +33 (0)1 6072 4187
Prices per night: as of 135€

Contact this hotel

Hotels in Fontainebleau

La Demeure du Parc boutique hotel
36 rue Paul Seramy
77300 Fontainebleau
Tel: +33 (0)1 6070 2000 
Prices per night: as of 166€


Contact this hotel

Hotel Victoria ***
122 Rue de France
77300 Fontainebleau
Tel: +33 (0)1 6074 9000
Fax: +33 (0)1 6074 9010
Prices per night: Single: as of 100€/Double: as of 112€

Contact this hotel

Hotel Ibis Château de Fontainebleau ***
18, rue de Ferrare
77300 Fontainebleau
Tel: +33 (0)1 6423 4525
Fax: +33 (0)1 6423 4222
Prices per night: Single: as of 95€/Double: as of 105€

Contact this hotel


Other hotels (with no block booking):

Hôtel Mercure Royal ****
41 rue Royale
77300 Fontainebleau
Tel: +33 (0)1 6469 3434
Fax: +33 (0)1 6469 3439
Prices per night : Single: as of 151€/Double: as of 167€

Contact this hotel

Hotel Novotel ****
Chemin de Melun RN 152
77760 Ury
Tel: +33 (0)1 6071 2424
Fax: +33 (0)1 6071 2400
Prices per night: Single: 130€/Double: 140€

Contact this hotel



Other accommodation options

You will also find alternative accommodation options at the following links:

The links above are provided for information only. INSEAD does not endorse any third-party website or warrants its contents in any respect.

Practical information

How to get to INSEAD?

Need a refresher on how to get to INSEAD. Here are some directions to the campus.

Taxi reservations can be made directly through:

GTS (Groupe Taxis Services)
E-mail : [email protected]
Téléphone : + 33 (0)6 4374 8590

Please click here for an estimated fare.

Welcome and registration

Registration will take place at the reunion welcome desks for each class. Your reunion coordinator will greet alumni and their partners with reunion packets and badges. The registration desks will be in the amphi area and will open on Friday at 7.00pm and on Saturday at 8:00am.

Dress code

The dress code is business casual for on-campus events and the Reunion class dinners at the Château are black tie or cocktail dress.

Computer access

Computers with online access and wifi access will be available for your use during the reunion weekend. For username and password, please ask your reunion coordinator or consult the reunion programme.

Footnote shop

The campus shop located in the bar area will be open during the reunion. Find all your INSEAD gear and the latest business publications here.


Most reunion events are not suitable for younger children. A list of babysitters is available upon request (please contact us at [email protected]). All arrangements for childcare are to be organized between the alumni and the babysitter.  If you would like to bring your older children to the reunion, you can register them as an adult guest.  If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

Sunday lunch

Interested in a farewell lunch on campus? Meet your friends at INSEAD restaurant. It will be specially open for you and your family (pay as you go).


Group photos will be taken on Saturday at lunchtime. These photos will be emailed to you after the reunion. INSEAD may also arrange for official photographers at events during the weekend. The photos taken may be used in future promotional material. Should you have any concerns about your picture appearing in such material, please inform us.

Making it happen

Get involved in the reunion organisation – Make the difference for this alumni reunion weekend.

INSEAD would like to thank our Reunion ambassadors:


Reunion Class Ambassadors - Philippe Guérin and Lee Remmers


Reunion Class Ambassador - John Singer
Reunion Committee - Alexandre Paternotte, Michel Blumenthal, Carlos Dexeus, Hermann zu Dohna, Peer Kølendorf, Barry Massey, Sue McInerney, Luigi Mencarelli, Nati Metuki, Ted Sankey, Jean-François Schock, Michael Ullmann


Reunion Class Ambassador - Yves Bernheim
Reunion Committee - Frans Cornelis, Anthony Hall, Anthony Palmer, Hélène Ratte
Fund Committee - Yves Bernheim, Frans Cornelis, Andreas Lehmann, Priscilla de Moustier, Anthony Palmer


Reunion Class Ambassador - Emmanuel Michau

Class of 1988J

Reunion Class Ambassador - Eric François
Reunion Committee - Domenico Cavaliere, Richard Denzler, Andreas Haindl, Richard Parsonson, Caroline van Scheltinga
Reunion Fund Class Ambassador - Domenico Cavaliere


Reunion Class Ambassador - Christian Dreyer
Reunion Committee - Sarah Beseler, James Butler, Sylvie Denoble-Mayer, Morten Eldrup Jorgensen, Karen Fawcett, Peter Lakin, Andrea Majoli, Christopher Mathias, John Redfern, Albert Reiss, Jane Stevensen, Jos van der Hyden, Manuel von Moeller
Reunion Fund Class Ambassadors - Jos van der Hyden and Manuel von Moeller

If you would like to learn more about becoming an alumni volunteer, please contact:

Marie Ferreira
Manager, Alumni and Institutional Events
Tel: +33 1 60 72 42 74

Giving back

Alumni gifts provide valuable support for the INSEAD Alumni Fund.

Your contribution is an investment in enhancing the value of your school.  Every gift is important and we are deeply grateful to our alumni who support the school to mark the anniversary of their graduation.

INSEAD is special and the support of our alumni across the globe enables us to truly be ‘the Business School for the World’.

Make your gift now 


• Can I register on the phone?
Once registration is launched, if you cannot access the registration website or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

• How do I know if I am registered?
Once you have successfully registered and paid online, you will receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite, and your name automatically appears on the list of attendees.

 I’m currently not sure if my partner/guest will join. How do I register him/her at a later stage?
Once you have registered online, you can go back on line and add your partner/guest at a later stage (before the closing of registration).

• All the pre-booked hotels are full: where can I find a room?
For any additional hotels or bed and breakfasts in the area which may have vacancies, please consult the Fontainebleau Tourist Office hotel listing, by clicking here.

• What will my partner do on campus during the sessions?
There is no separate programme for partners but they are are welcome to all reunion activities as long as they are registered.

• Can I bring my children to campus on Saturday?
Most reunion events are not suitable for younger children. A list of babysitters is available upon request (please contact us at [email protected]). If you would like to bring your older children (over 12) to the reunion, you can register them as an adult guest.

What is the dress code on campus for the Reunion?
The dress code will be business casual for the on-campus events and the Reunion class dinners at the Château are black tie or cocktail attire (unless otherwise specified by your class).

How can I find a babysitter?
A list of babysitters is available upon request - please contact us at [email protected].

When will the class photo be available?
The class photo will be available after the reunion. Electronic copies will be sent to you by e-mail.

How does the Saturday dinner work? Is it free seating or do we make up tables in advance?
The Saturday dinners are class dinners with no seating plans.

Is the Saturday dinner suitable for 18+ children if they come along for the weekend?
It is suitable and you can register him/her as an adult guest.

For those of you who would like to attend the Saturday night dinner and dance at the Château de Fontainebleau with your child(ren) under 18: do remember that alcohol will be served, and although we all agree that it should be enjoyed in moderation, we cannot guarantee that everyone will behave in an exemplary manner in front of your kids.  Please note that a ‘children’s menu’ is not available, hence there are no discounts to ticket prices (unless they are under three years old).

How do I make a make an anniversary gift?
If you would like to participate in the class gift, please go to give.insead.edu/ 

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