Welcome back classes of MBA'07J&D and 12J&D!

19 - 21 May 2017

Europe campus

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Dear Alumni,

As you have experienced for yourself, INSEAD is a truly unique institution.  We graduate inspired individuals equipped with sound business knowledge and international wisdom.  Through the vision laid out by our founders, we have truly become an independent and entrepreneurial business school with an unmatched global outreach and unparalleled diversity of students, executive participants and alumni.

This weekend, I am excited to share my plans with you and I want to hear your views.  Our Alumni Reunions team has worked hard and put together an incredible programme for you.  Besides the Plenary Session which will focus on the MBA programme and our Alumni network, our Faculty Forums will also cover important themes relevant to the business world of today.

Throughout the weekend’s Social and Networking events, your Reunion will provide you with the ideal opportunity to expand your horizons – a chance to, not only reconnect with your former classmates, but also to interact with Alumni of other classes that hold the same INSEAD spirit.

I look forward to sharing many conversations with you this special weekend and invite you to join me in imagining the incredible potential of INSEAD, with a powerful network of more than 52,000 Alumni in 169 countries united, as we create an ambitious future for INSEAD.

Ilian Mihov



Friday 19 May

11.00-20.30Optional activity - 38th edition of the Annual Alumni Golf competition. Fontainebleau.
Please see more details here
16.00-18.00Soccer games, Rugby games and Tennis
INSEAD Fitness offers towels and showers.
Interested in playing football, rugby or tennis, please contact Stephanie, who will put you in contact with the other players to compose teams
Faisanderie pitches  
18.30-20.00Speed Networking and Business cards exchange.
Find out more about the range of ways you can contribute your time and support to the growth and development of the school, including but not limited to:
- Select the best candidate for INSEAD
- Recruit INSEAD’s talent
- Volunteer in an Alumni Association or club
Bar area

Saturday 20 May

As of 8.00amRegistration and welcome coffee   Camembert
8.00-18.00Children's camp
(only for children above 3 are admitted) Euro Asia Centre
9.00-10.15Karel Cool
Unlocking Markets by Leveraging Customer Turnover
Amphi A
10.15-10.30 Coffee break  Camembert
10.30-11.45Plenary session
Urs Peyer, Dean of Degree Programmes, INSEAD
Ilian Mihov, Dean of INSEAD
Amphi A

Class pictures, lunch and class meetings

12.00-13.30Class meetingAmphi B
13.30Class picture amphi UllmannOutside
13.45-14.30Lunch - pay as you goINSEAD
14.45-16.30Free time -
12.15Class picture amphi UllmannOutside
12.30-13.15Lunch - pay as you goINSEAD 
13.15-14.30Free time -
14.30-15.30Class meetingAmphi B
15.30-16.30Free time 
12.00-12.45Lunch - pay as you goINSEAD 
13.15Class picture amphi Ullmann Outside
13.30-14.00Class meetingAmphi A
14.00-16.30Free time -
12.30 Class picture amphi UllmannOutside
12.45-13.45Lunch - pay as you goINSEAD 
13.45-14.45Free time -
14.45-15.45Class meetingAmphi A
15.45-16.30Free time -


Gianpiero Petriglieri
Success, Meaning, … and the Stuff That Matters

Amphi A

18.15-19.30Dean's Leadership reception (by invitation only)Cercle 


Summer Ball 2017 - Le Carrousel de l'Amour at the ChâteauFontainebleau

Sunday 21 May

11.00-12.00Pétanque game
Not formally organised. Balls available and to be returned at the bar, for whoever wants to play
11.30-12.30Alumni Fair (Entrepreneurs showcase - Products and services)Bar area
12.00-14.30Barbecue for all classes. The National Alumni associations Presidents are welcome to attendOn-campus





Karel Cool
The Characteristics of Sustainable Differentiators

Gianpiero Petriglieri
Success, Meaning, … and the Stuff That Matters

The presentations, slides or videos that the professors will be happy to share will be available after the event.




INSEAD has made block bookings in area hotels for our alumni returning for the Reunion Weekend but please don't delay as we expect a high demand for rooms.

This form should be used when contacting the hotel of your choice.

For any additional hotels and bed and breakfast places in the area which may have vacancies, please consult the Fontainebleau Tourist Office hotel listing

For flats near Fontainebleau, please contact the Morning croissant company at team@morningcroissant.com
The booking process is entirely online, secured and quite straightforward.


Practical information

How to get to INSEAD?

Need a refresher on how to get to INSEAD. Click here to get directions to the campus.

Taxi reservations can be made directly through:

TFA – Taxis Fontainebleau Avon
Tel : +33 6 77 94 10 06


Please click here for an estimated fare

Welcome and Registration

Registration will take place at the reunion welcome desks for each class. Your reunion coordinator will greet alumni and their partners with reunion packets and badges. The registration desks will be open Saturday morning, the badges will be delivered from 8 to 9.00am.

Dress code

The dress code will be business casual for the on-campus events and the INSEAD Summer Ball will be black tie.

Computer access

Computers with online access and wifi access will be available for your use during the reunion weekend. For username and password, please ask your reunion coordinator or consult the reunion programme.

Footnote shop

The campus shop located in the bar area will be open during the weekend. Find all your INSEAD gear and the latest business publications here.

Alumni football and rugby match with current students

All players must have personal liability insurance coverage to participate in the football and rugby match. INSEAD will not be held responsible and expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any claims and ontroversies that may arise from the event.


Most reunion events are not suitable for younger children. A list of babysitters is available upon request (please contact us at secretariat.reunions@insead.edu). All arrangements for childcare are to be organized between the alumni and the babysitter.  If you would like to bring your older children to the reunion, you can register them as an adult guest.  If you have any questions, please contact secretariat.reunions@insead.edu.

Sunday barbecue

Bring your family; children are welcome to attend (no cost for ages 0-5).


Group photos will be taken on Saturday at lunchtime. These photos will be emailed to you after the reunion.

Making it happen

Get involved in the reunion organisation – Make the difference for this alumni reunion weekend.

INSEAD would like to thank our Leadership Reunion volunteers:

10 year-reunions - MBA'07J&D

Class of 2007J
Social committee: Megan Pillsbury, Cristiana Teuscher, Monica Perez Cuevas, Matias Repetto, Peter Bialo, Gahl Spanier, Anshu Nahar 

Fund committee: David Guyenne, Annabel Noth, Cynthia Schweer, Daniel Wong, David Angeli, George Stavrides, Gideon Glassman, Jonas Samsioe, Joost Schardijn, Jose Mujica Castro, Julien Lafouge, Kanika Maheshwari, Marc-Alain Behar,  Maria Raga Frances, Melissa Jacob, Natalie Anne Taylor Slater, Nikolaos Fotilas, Olesya Struk-Kliapatski, Patricia Rei, Philipp Patschkowski, Sakshi Abraham, Sebastien Beth, Shirine Modad, Souhil Harchaoui, Stefanos Konstantinidis

Class of 2007D
Social committee: Cintia Tavella Gomez, Anne Dumesges, Anthony Evans, Claire Augros

Fund committee:
Verena Butt d’Espous, Conchita Gonzalez de Castejon, Constance Minc, Antoine Nasr, Camila Bruzzi, Ashley Shaw Scott Adjaye, Frédéric Mazzella, James Mason, Gilberto Gaeta, Radhika Vaidya-Sahdev, Raffaele Maiello, Tamara Cook, Francois Bracq, Braden Beng, Antoine Nasr, Camila Bruzzi, Ashley Shaw Scott Adjaye


5 year-reunions - MBA'12J&D

Class of 2012J
Social and fund committee: Anisha Oberoi, Jöran Albers, Serge Achkouty, Philip Hur, Ayman Jawhar, Karl Malmstroem, Dmitry Smirnov, Matthias Wefelnberg

Class of 2012D
Social and fund committee: Georgia Kokkini, Caroline Sheldon Frank, Ayman Kichly, Natasha Rostovtceva, Dimitri Maroulis


Giving back

If you would like to learn more about the INSEAD Giving opportunities or to have more details about your own giving history, please contact Anna or Celine.

Anna Mbow (Classes of MBA'12J&D)
Development Manager
Tel: +33 1 60 72 90 44
Email: anna.mbow@insead.edu

Céline Garsault (classes of MBA'07J&D)
Development Manager
Tel: +33 1 60 72 90 94
Email: celine.garsault@insead.edu

Children's camp

Share the reunion weekend with your family. Your partner and your children are also invited to celebrate the reunion. All reunion activities are not suitable for children.

INSEAD has organised Children’s Camp so your children will enjoy the weekend while you and your partner enjoy the reunion.


Children’s Camp will be available on-campus for children aged 3 to 12 from 8am to 6pm on Saturday. Children will enjoy different activities (drawing, games,…).

The Programme

The Children’s Camp is organised by Magma Top Fun Anim’. The Top Fun programme has been conceived and implemented in partnership with a team of educators to ensure the pedagogical value of the proposed activities which also respect the natural rhythm of the child.

The Camp Team

As required by law, the Top Fun staffing levels will be a minimum of 1 childcare provider per 8 children. The team will be composed of childcare providers, of which all are holders of a BAFA, BAFD as well as BSC1 diplomas.

The Leadership Team

The leadership of the team is provided by a Top Fun Anim Activities Manager, experienced in directing children’s activities. Qualifications of the manager include a BAFA (Brevet d’Aptitude aux Fonctions d’Animateur) and an AFPS (Attestation de Formation aux Premiers Secours). Insurance - Top Fun’s insurance coverage is provided by the insurance group RC Organisation for professional liability.


Bring your children with you to the casual family barbecue on campus. There is no cost for children under 6.


Additional services available during the reunion

The family room

INSEAD is unable to provide childcare for children under the age of 3. If you attend the reunion with your little ones, be sure to visit the “family room” on campus (near the main reception on the lower gallery level). The playroom is designed for our youngest guests and offers a child-friendly environment (toys, cribs, etc.). While visiting the family room, children should be under the supervision of the parents.

Babysitter list

If you need a babysitter during the weekend, we can provide you with a list of babysitters, please contact us at secretariat.reunions@insead.edu. if you wish to receive a copy of this list.
Any arrangements are to be made directly with the babysitter. Parents and babysitters must deal directly with each other for all questions of scheduling, availability and payment.

Frequently asked questions

• Can I register on the phone?
The registration section will be open in February 2017. (Reunion and summer ball tickets)
If you cannot access the registration website or have any questions, please contact us at secretariat.reunions@insead.edu.

• What's the cost of the weekend?
The reunion weekend on campus is 50 euros (including the farewell barbecue on Sunday)
The summer ball ticket at the Chateau is 294 euros (including stand-up dinner, drinks and champagne)

In order to provide you with quality service, INSEAD will apply the following refund policy:
- 50% refund until 9 April 2017 (included)
- 25% refund from 10 April to 14 May 2017 (registration closing)
- No refund possible after 14 May 2017
INSEAD reminds its customers that, in accordance with the provisions of article L. 132-2 of the French Monetary and Financial Code, an order or commitment to pay with a credit card or debit card cannot be reversed or modified. The payment may be cancelled only in the event of loss, theft, fraudulent use of the card (or the data related to its use), or of insolvency or bankruptcy of the recipient. In the event of a customer’s failure to comply with the above regulations, INSEAD reserves the right to initiate any necessary procedure in order to obtain damages.

• I have forgotten my login and password...
To reset your password: http://iforgot.insead.edu/ If you do not know your credentials please contact the 24/7 service desk at 5555-ITservicedesk@insead.edu stating your full name, programme and date of graduation.

• All the pre-booked hotels are full: where can I find a room?
For any additional hotels or bed and breakfasts in the area which may have vacancies, please consult the Fontainebleau Tourist Office hotel listing, by clicking here 

• What will my partner do on campus during the sessions?
There is no separate programme for partners but they are are welcome to all reunion activities as long as they are registered.

What's the format of the Saturday Lunch?
Back to old times at INSEAD, everyone could have a quick take away snack (sandwich or salad) at the bar - or a hot and seated meal at the cafeteria - payable individually and directly to Sodexo the caterer, by cash. Up to everyone to spend the desired time and amount during this lunch break. Children are welcome.

What is the dress code on campus for the Reunion?
The dress code will be business casual for the on-campus events and the INSEAD Summer Ball will be black tie.

How can I find a babysitter?
A list of babysitters is available upon request - please contact us here.

When will the class photo be available?
The class photo will be available after the reunion. Electronic copies will be sent to you by e-mail.

Networking tools

Get the official event app of the alumni reunion weekend,

Get the most out of the app and have a more productive experience!


NAVIGATE the event agenda and logistics, even without Wi-Fi or data. Access useful information like ridesharing and local attractions through the Bulletin Board


NETWORK effectively. Plan whom to meet by exploring attendee profiles and sending out messages


PARTICIPATE in event activities through session likes, comments, ratings, live polling, tweeting, and more

For Blackberry or Windows Phone, Click here

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