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Centre for Organisational Research (COR)




COR Introduction


We connect working adults to research

COR facilitates the administration of innovative organisational science research by recruiting working adults into COR’s participant pool and organising public talks in collaboration with local corporations for the working population.


We connect research to industries

COR works with INSEAD's faculty members and students to implement scientific studies and fosters collaborations between INSEAD’s researchers and local companies.

Our Mission


Research is the core of what we do here at INSEAD. As a premier business school that provides world-class business education to leaders all over the world, it is paramount that the knowledge we impart to our students and clients is grounded in strong empirical science. But to conduct good organisational research, we need a strong partnership between organisational scientists and the business community.

COR’s mission is to facilitate the administration of innovative organisational science research at INSEAD. For our organisational scientists at INSEAD, we will provide recruitment, logistical, and advisory support if you seek to conduct research with the working-adult population in Singapore, and with organisations in Singapore and other parts of Asia.

For our industry and community partners, if you are currently employed and live in Singapore, COR would love to have you join our research community. We would welcome your contribution to science by taking part in our interesting studies. You will receive payment for your time and efforts. If you are an organisational leader who needs methodological or scientific advice on how to improve different aspects of your organisation or employees, and would like to test various strategies, COR can connect you with the eminent professors at INSEAD who conduct cutting edge research in your field of interest.

Andy Yap
Academic Director, INSEAD Centre for Organisational Research
Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour


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COR Team


Andy J Yap, Academic Director, COR

Andy J. Yap

Academic Director, INSEAD Centre for Organisational Research

Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Hazel Lim Si Yuan

Lab Manager

COR Alumni


Ye Jin Park

Ex - Lab Manager


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