From founding environmental NGOs and starting nationwide education initiatives, to helping other women achieve their entrepreneurial dreams, INSEAD's alumnae from our Master Programmes and Executive Education are doing it all. And while there is still some way to go, female graduates often cite the fact that their INSEAD experience gave them the confidence to take on challenging organisational problems and reach for their goals.

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INSEAD works with major companies to create customised leadership development programmes for their women executives. The backbone of our customised programmes is a model that takes women leaders through the following three steps: (1) Understand what leaders do & their relationship to change. (2) Understand the barriers and enablers. (3) Understand how to turn knowledge into action.

If you are interested in learning more about company specific women's leadership programmes, please contact Mary Carey, Nathalie Nawrocki or Mary Kwan, directors of Partner Development, INSEAD Executive Education.

Women Leading Global Change is designed as one of the milestones to the Fellows Programme offered by the IWF Leadership Foundation. Spread across a year, the Fellows Programme convenes fellows from around the world for a total of 20 days. 

Women Leading Global Change is held at INSEAD, where the fellows are pushed to adopt a deeper, global perspective. A core component of the training is the 360° Global Executive Leadership Inventory developed by the INSEAD Global Leadership Centre to measure twelve dimensions of leadership. The fellows assess what they learned from the inventory with professional, international coaches. 

Please contact Mary Carey, Director of Partner Development at INSEAD Executive Education, for any questions regarding the IWF programme. 

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If you have any questions related to the INSEAD Gender Initiative, we are here to help you.

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