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Partners and Families


Partners and children enrich and enliven our community. In return, we try to make sure that they benefit from the INSEAD experience in every possible way.

Around 30% of students bring partners to INSEAD

This makes for a large, vibrant group - as diverse as the student population itself and fully integrated with it. A year as a partner at INSEAD is a great opportunity to experience new cultures and learn new languages. Plus, Singapore is a dynamic world city, just a short flight away from some of Asia's most desirable holiday destinations, while Fontainebleau is a national centre for heritage and outdoor activities, only 40 minutes from Paris by train.

Children are particularly welcome

Although they have free run of the campuses, each site has a special playroom (which is under parents responsibilities – no childcare are provided), equipped especially for babies, toddlers and parents and where baby music class is hosted (only in Fontainebleau). Kids even get their own "future MBA" security pass on demand and a network of international friends, just like mum and dad. Plus, both Singapore and Fontainebleau are extraordinarily child-friendly places to live.

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INSEAD MBA Administration


INSEAD MBA Administration provides partners with:

  • Advice on residency and visa issues.
  • Career Workshops organized all year long as joint event with students.
  • Full access to the campus gym with fees offered by INSEAD.
  • Membership of the 24-hour INSEAD library.
  • Possible membership of INSEAD student clubs.
  • Collaboration on the organization of MBA Events such as National Weeks, Cabaret, DASH.
  • Welcome activities to get to know your new home.
  • Dedicated staff members on both campuses.
  • Monthly meeting with the MBA Office.

INSEAD Partners’ Connection

  • A common platform for all partners at INSEAD to facilitate social, cultural, personal and professional development.
  • A WhatsApp group.
  • Partners will be able to organise loads of activities with the MBA office support such as share of experience meetings, wine tasting, castle visits, trip to Paris.
  • MBA office is regularly meeting with a group of partners representatives to put in place events, improve the communication and report the information to the whole community.


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If you have any questions related to our programmes or application procedures, we are here to help you.


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