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Executive Master In Finance

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As an employer in today's highly competitive and globalised business climate, you are faced with many challenges. But the key to your success lies in your most important asset – your organisation’s human capital. The knowledge, skills and experience of your teams are your competitive advantage and their continued professional development should be a priority for your organisation. Sponsoring your employees' continuing education at INSEAD is a worthwhile investment.

One reason your employee may be in touch with you relates to the Company Endorsement Agreement we require of all admitted candidates. Endorsement does not imply financial support, however, many employers provide full or partial support for tuition and expenses.

Endorsement recognises that you are investing company time by allowing your employee to travel to our campus to complete the 6 modules of the Master in Finance programme. This is a material investment and as such, the Endorsement Agreement confirms your understanding and support of the time commitment your employee is making. Allowing leave to complete classes is rarely an issue with employers, however, if you feel uncomfortable with the commitment, now is a time to resolve this with your employee.

Tangible Benefits

For both participants and the sponsoring company, the programme’s impact is obvious. Participants bring their job experience to the classroom and take their classroom insights back to their jobs.

In addition to the immediate application of concepts and tools learned in each module, sponsoring an employee for the INSEAD Master in Finance may be the best way to signal to high potential employees that they don’t need to look outside the organisation to advance their careers. Your sponsorship demonstrates your commitment to your employees and contributes to a culture of mutual support and loyalty.

Company Testimonial

Our long-standing partnership with INSEAD has been very rewarding for both the company, and for our employees who have participated in the Master in Finance programme. The access to leading faculty members, along with the finance-specific context of the programme and the INSEAD brand, have allowed our employees to build their global network, and advance their careers

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