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An INSEAD graduate degree yields a lifetime of dividends, both professionally and personally. It is also a serious financial investment; therefore, you should begin to consider the cost of a master in finance and your financing options early on, whether in the form of savings, loans or scholarships. Many applicants have access to loan and scholarship opportunities in their countries of origin. 


EMFin Scholarships and Financing

Our goal at INSEAD is to recruit the best and brightest to join our school — regardless of background or financial situation. Apart from personal savings, there are other options such as scholarships and gaining your employer's support to consider. 

Fees, Costs & Payment Schedule


Find out more about the fees, costs and payment schedule of the INSEAD Executive Master in Finance in the table below. 

Funding Options


Learn more about how to obtain a loan or your employer's support for the EMFin.

The MAS Financial Scholarship Programme

A scholarship for Singaporean finance professionals

The Financial Scholarship Programme (FSP) is one of the initiatives supported by the Financial Sector Development Fund established by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Its objective is to groom leaders that would contribute to the long-term growth of Singapore as an international financial centre.

Find out more about this scholarship for Singaporean finance professionals and hear from our alumni.

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If you have any questions related to our programmes or application procedures, we are here to help you.

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You may find the current tuition fee here.

No, you will need to make your own travel and accommodation arrangements for the 2 weeks that you will be on campus during each of the 6 modules.

Yes, we provide need based, merit based and national diversity scholarships. You can apply for Scholarships once you have been accepted to the programme.

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