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EMFin Programme




An INSEAD graduate degree yields a lifetime of dividends, both professionally and personally. It is also a serious financial investment; therefore, you should begin to consider the cost of a master in finance and your financing options early on. Apart from personal savings, there are other options such as scholarships, loans and gaining your employer's support to look at.


EMFin Scholarships and Financing

Our goal at INSEAD is to recruit the best and brightest to join our school — regardless of background or financial situation. Apart from personal savings, there are other options such as scholarships and gaining your employer's support to consider. 

Tuition Fees & Payment Schedule


Funding Options


Learn more about how to obtain a loan or your employer's support for the EMFin.




If you have any questions related to our programmes or application procedures, we are here to help you.

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In general, the funding doesn't come from only one source. Students use INSEAD Global loans, savings, personal loans, family gifts, sponsorships, INSEAD or national scholarships and loans. 

You can first talk to your local bank where you have an account. You may also consider local country options,INSEAD Global loans like Lendwise, Prodigy Finance and Juno (U.S. Citizens and International Students with a valid U.S. cosigner).

The tuition fee for EMFin September'23 Intake is SG$97,500 (including GST). It covers tuition and supporting services including all printed course materials, on-campus IT services and access to the INSEAD library. It does not include travel or accommodation expenses.

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