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INSEAD’s Executive Master in Finance programme gives you the opportunity to concentrate on both Corporate Finance and Financial Markets. Each track encompasses four courses. Read more about each track below, or download the full course descriptions by clicking at the button above.

The Corporate Finance Concentration track goes in depth in the analysis of the main concepts of corporate management. The goal is to have a broad CEO/CFO view. Corporate financing, growth strategies and M&As, and choice of domestic vs. international expansion will be examined in detail. The module will provide participants with an integrated framework to select corporate financing policies and their links to expansion strategies such as M&As, a framework to analyse international projects at the selection stage as well as the implementation and currency and country-risk management stage, advanced tools required to manage complex single-purpose projects, and a set of tools to choose financing at the start-up stage of the firm, as well as the terminal restructuring and distress stage.

Specific Courses:

  • Advanced Corporate Finance
  • International Corporate Finance
  • Project Finance
  • Private Equity – Venture, Minority & Buyout Investing

The Financial Markets concentration track focuses on the main tools of asset management. It is articulated in three courses that examine the three major asset classes: Equity, Credit Markets and Options and Derivatives. The fourth course, Asset & Liability Management in Banking, will provide an integrated view of how these tools can be used in the context of risk management for banks. The course will focus on ALM models: how to design them and how to implement them.

Specific courses:

  • Equity Investment
  • Advanced Asset Management
  • Asset and Liability Management in Banking
  • Behavioural Finance



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