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Faculty & Research


James Teboul

Emeritus Professor of Operations Management


Additional Information
Research Areas
  • Quality of Service
  • New Technologies and design in Services
  • Change Management
Teaching Areas
  • Dynamics of Improvement
  • Services Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Technology Strategy


Graduate Engineer of Ecole Centrale Paris and Doctor ès Science from Paris University, James Teboul started his career as a group leader responsible for new product development at Schlumberger. After obtaining his MBA at Sherbrooke University in Canada, he became a professor at INSEAD. His main areas of research are quality management and management of services and innovation.

Professor Teboul has been the director of the International Executive Programme at INSEAD for many years. He has taught in many executive programmes in several countries and has been a consultant to industrial and service organizations.

Professor Teboul is a member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Service Management. His book La Dynamique Qualité (Editions d'Organisation) is published in English under the title Managing Quality Dynamics (Prentice Hall).
His most recent publications are a book in French entitled Le Temps des Services (The Age of Services) at Editions d’Organisation, Service is Front Stage, published in May 2006 by Palgrave McMillan, Le management des Services published in Mach 2007 by Eyrolles, and Serviços em cena published in July 2008 by Elsevier Brazil.

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