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Neuroleadership: Creative Leadership With a Focus on the Brain

This book illustrates, through a number of examples from different domains, how to put in place a disciplined process to develop a creative leadership approach. Today's managers seem to have all the tools at their disposal, leadership training, seminars and executive coaching, to exercise effective leadership, but most continue to take the easy path of raw authority, neglecting the interwoven texture of leadership and followership. The classic models of leadership fail routinely because leaders find it hard to develop an effective way of motivating their followers and do not realize how far they are conditioned by the limitations and biases hardwired in their brains. Just like sports professionals who need a good understanding of their body, leaders need to practice and explore the capabilities of their brains. With some knowledge in the latest discoveries in Neurosciences and mastery of their cognitive predispositions, leaders can draw on a range of resources to engage all parties in learning and collaborating towards common goals and create a culture based on cooperation and innovation. Ideal for organizations or associations, private or public companies, this book offers practical advice on neuroleadership through examples of successful transformation including a case study at Netflix.

Emeritus Professor of Operations Management