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Asset & Liability Management - A Guide to Value Creation and Risk Control

Dermine J., Bissada Y. F. (2002). 
Asset & Liability Management - A Guide to Value Creation and Risk Control.
 FT Prentice Hall.
As deregulation and competition are reducing margins around the world, the need for knowledge on Asset & Liability Management (ALM) - the control of a bank's profit and risk - becomes an absolute necessity for any banker in charge of a profit centre, central bankers in charge of bank supervision, and banks' auditors, consultants or lawyers. This is the first book written on ALM that emphasizes both value creation and risk control. It is written for non-specialist bankers in a concise and accessible style. Packaged with the book is a step-by-step tutorial CD-ROM that focuses on visuals, and exercises with built-in solutions. This can be used as stand-alone self-learning device or as a tool to test and reinforce the concepts learnt after reading the book. Topics include risk-adjusted performance evaluation, loan pricing, loan provisioning, securitization, and the management of interest rate and liquidity risks.

Emeritus Professor of Banking and Finance

Emeritus Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise