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Peer reviewed articles

2020 Godart, Frédéric, Sorah Seong, and Damon Phillips, "The Sociology of Creativity: Elements, Structures, and Audiences." Annual Review of Sociology, 46:489-510

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2019 Zamora-Kapoor, Anna, Frédéric Godart, and Yue Zhao, "Networks on the walls: Analyzing “traces” of institutional logics in museums’ permanent exhibitions." Poetics, doi: 10.1016/j.poetic.2019.101387.

2019 Godart, Frédéric, and Charles Galunic, "Explaining the Popularity of Cultural Elements: Networks, Culture, and the Structural Embeddedness of High Fashion Trends." Organization Science, 30(1):151-168.

2018 Rawley, Evan, Frédéric Godart, and Andrew Shipilov, "How and when do conglomerates influence the creativity of their subsidiaries?Strategic Management Journal, 39(9):2417-2438.

2018 Seong, Sorah, and Frédéric Godart, "Semantic Strategies for Influencing the Influencers: Trading a Stock of Names for Higher Creativity Evaluations." Academy of Management Journal, 61(3):966–993.

2018 Godart, Frédéric, "Culture, structure, and the market interface: Exploring the networks of stylistic elements and houses in fashion." Poetics, 68(June 2018):72-88.

2017 Shipilov, Andrew, Frédéric Godart, and Julien Clément, "Which boundaries? How mobility networks across countries and status groups affect the creative performance of organizations." Strategic Management Journal, 38(6):1232–1252.

2016 Godart, Frédéric, Fabrice Cavarretta, and Matthias Thiemann, "Task complexity and shared value orientation: exploring the moderators of a social dilemma in team social networks." Industrial and Corporate Change, 25(5):739-756.

2015 Godart, Frédéric, William Maddux, Andrew Shipilov, and Adam Galinsky, "Fashion with a Foreign Flair: Professional Experiences Abroad Facilitate the Creative Innovations of Organizations." Academy of Management Journal, 58(1):195-220.

2015 Godart, Frédéric. "Trend Networks: Multidimensional Proximity and the Formation of Aesthetic Choices in the Creative Economy." Regional Studies, 49(6):973-984.

2014 Godart, Frédéric, Andrew Shipilov, and Kim Claes, "Making the Most of the Revolving Door: The Impact of Outward Personnel Mobility Networks on Organizational Creativity." Organization Science, 25(2):377-400.

2013 Aspers, Patrik, and Frédéric Godart. "Sociology of Fashion: Order and Change." Annual Review of Sociology, 39:171-192.

2013 Barkey, Karen, and Frédéric Godart. "Empires, Federated Arrangements, and Kingdoms: Using Political Models of Governance to Understand Firms’ Creative Performance." Organization Studies, 34(1):79-104.

2010 Godart, Frédéric, and Harrison White. "Switchings under Uncertainty. The Coming and Becoming of Meanings." Poetics, 38(6):567-586.

- Translated in Hungarian: Godart, Frédéric, and Harrison White. "Váltások bizonytalanság közepette: Az értelem felfogása és kialakulása." Replika, 75: 87-108.

2010 Corona, Victor P., and Frédéric C. Godart. "Network-Domains in Combat and Fashion Organizations." Organization, 17(2):283-304.

2009 Godart, Frédéric C., and Ashley Mears. "How Do Cultural Producers Make Creative Decisions? Lessons from the Catwalk." Social Forces, 88(2):671-692.

- Translated and adapted in French: Godart, Frédéric C., and Ashley Mears. 2011. "Prise de décision créative en situation d’incertitude: le cas de la sélection des mannequins par les maisons de mode." Sociologie et Sociétés.

2007 White, Harrison C., Frédéric C. Godart, and Victor P. Corona. "Mobilizing Identities: Uncertainty and Control in Strategy." Theory, Culture & Society, 24:181-202.

- Reprint in: Clegg, Stewart (Ed.). 2009. SAGE Directions in Organization Studies. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.


2021 Godart, Frédéric & Thouron Zoé. La mode déshabillée. Paris: Casterman [Title in English: Fashion Undressed]

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2012 Godart, FrédéricUnveiling Fashion: Business, Culture, and Identity in the Most Glamorous Industry. London: Palgrave-Macmillan. [Updated and expanded translation of: Sociologie de la mode].

2012 Godart, FrédéricSociología de la moda. Buenos Aires: EDHASA. [Translation of: Sociologie de la mode].

2011 Godart, FrédéricPenser la mode. Paris: Institut Français de la Mode / Regard [Title in English: Thinking Fashion]

- Nomitated for Best Fashion Book 2012 (Grand Prix du Livre de Mode 2012, Université Lumière Lyon 2, France)

2010 Godart, FrédéricSociologie de la mode. Paris: La Découverte. (in French). [Title in English: A Sociology of Fashion].

- Translated into Portuguese (Brazil): Godart, Frédéric. 2010. Sociologia da moda. São Paulo: Editora Senac São Paulo.

Invited Book chapters

2014 Godart, Frédéric, and Sorah Seong. 2014. "Is sustainable luxury fashion possible?" Pp. 12-27 in Sustainable Luxury: Managing Social and Environmental Performance in Iconic Brands, edited by Miguel Angel Gardetti and Ana Laura Torres. Sheffield: Greenleaf Publishing.

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2014 Godart, Frédéric, and Yue Zhao. "Drivers of China’s Desire for Luxury and Consequences for Luxury Brands." Pp. 119-29 in Luxury Brands in Emerging Markets, edited by Glyn Atwal and Douglas Bryson. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

2014 Kulikova, Irina, and Frédéric Godart. "How History, Culture, and Demography Drive Luxury Consumption in Russia." Pp. 49-62 in Luxury Brands in Emerging Markets, edited by Glyn Atwal and Douglas Bryson. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

2013 White, Harrison C., Frédéric Godart, and Matthias Thiemann. "Turning Points and the Space of Possibles: A Relational Perspective on the Different Forms of Uncertainty." Pp. 137-54 in Applying Relational Sociology: Relations, Networks, and Society, edited by François Dépelteau and Christopher Powell. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

2013 Godart, Frédéric, Fabrice Cavarretta, and Matthias Thiemann. "Task Complexity and Collective Orientation: Exploring the Antecedents of Public Goods Dilemmas in Social Networks." Best Paper Proceedings of the 2013 Academy of Management Meeting.

2012 Godart, Frédéric, Will Maddux, Andrew Shipilov, and Adam Galinsky, "A Flair for Fashion: Professional Multicultural Experience and Creative Performance." Best Paper Proceedings of the 2012 Academy of Management Meeting.

2011 Godart, Frédéric. "Comment penser la relation entre les concepts de mode et de luxe." Pp. 101-108 in Le luxe. Essais sur la fabrique de l'ostentation, 2nd edition, edited by Olivier Assouly. Paris: IFM-Regard. [Title in English: "How to Think the Relationship between the Concepts of Fashion and Luxury"].

2010 Godart, Frédéric. "L'utilisateur horloger à travers le prisme de la socio-économie." Pp. 43-62 in L'utilisateur horloger dans un monde en mutation, edited by Kalust Zorik and François Courvoisier. Le Mont-sur-Lausanne: LEP Editions. [Title in English: "The watch user through the prism of socio-economics"].

2010 White, Harrison, Frédéric Godart, and Matthias Thiemann. "Les bifurcations sont la règle et non l’exception: perspective sur les différentes formes d’incertitude." Pp. 289-305 in Bifurcations. Les sciences sociales face aux ruptures et à l’événement, edited by Marc Bessin, Claire Bidart, and Michel Grossetti. Paris: La Découverte. (in French). [Title in English: "Bifurcations are the rule rather than the exception: Perspective on the different forms of uncertainty"].

2007 White, Harrison C., and Frédéric C. Godart. "Märkte als soziale Formationen." Pp. 197-215 in Märkte als soziale Strukturen, edited by Jens Beckert, Rainer Diaz-Bone, and Heiner Ganßmann. Frankfurt: Campus. (in German). [Title in English: "Markets as Social Formations"].


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