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Here is a sample of what participants have to say about the value of LEAP: Leadership Excellence through Awareness and Practice.

In one way, the pandemic afforded a natural inflection or break. It felt like the right moment to stop, to provoke a dialogue with myself and to seek different perspectives; as well as the stimulus from outside to reassess my context and prepare for the next 10 or 20 years ahead.

Roger Maechler
CFO of Octapharma

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For anyone looking to have a long lasting positive impact, there’s a real imperative to step back, to take that time away and to create the opportunity to fine-tune yourself. And to be at your most effective – to be the very best version of yourself – you really need to know who you are.

Nicolas de La Giroday
VP General Manager, General Mills

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For me, it’s this emphasis on personal development that makes LEAP unique. We were guided through a wide range of awareness exercises, which were helpful in identifying areas for improvement in our leadership behaviour.

Mabel Yap
Director of the Professional Training and Assessment Standards Division at the Singapore Ministry of Health

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LEAP is a great opportunity to reflect on your personal style and understand how other people perceive you and respond to your behaviour in ways that you perhaps don’t see yourself. It gives you a chance to explore making changes that not only benefit you but also the people you work with.

James Stewart
Chairman of Partners at Ferrier Hodgson
Melbourne, Australia

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If you have hit a wall, or feel the walls closing in, this may be the course for you. Even those who believe they have "all the answers" come away better-equipped for leadership at home and work. The work on self-exploration, in the context of the interpersonal and organisational improvements, pays immediate benefits for those open to truly participate.

A past participant from LEAP cohort IV

I came to LEAP at the right time, I felt I was not progressing, I felt I was hitting the ceiling - the board encouraged me to go and get some fresh air. LEAP has been a transformational experience. It is not the first time that INSEAD opens my eyes to new dimensions, but this time it was all about myself and how I can impact others, and enrich them.

A past participant from LEAP Cohort IV

I could not imagine an executive course could end up being so meaningful and enriching in the most private and personal way. It provided me with such a powerful lever to lead more effectively and enjoyably.

A past participant from LEAP Cohort IV

What makes the LEAP course different for me is being able to customise it to you. What are your needs, what is your interest and how can it really best fulfil your development goals? I chose the LEAP course particularly because of the structure. The chance to take some great understanding and insight, to put them into practice, and then to reassess and re-evaluate what’s working and what’s not is crucial.

Chief Operating Officer, T.G.I Friday’s UK Ltd 

LEAP has provided me with an invaluable opportunity to step back and take stock of where I was in both my personal and professional life. The realisation that I needed to ‘be visible, be present’ led to the creation of my personal development plan, which was aimed at increasing my profile with my coworkers and boss so that I could better take control of my situation and career direction.

Director Care Services, Southern Cross Care Inc 

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