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Content Overview


The Challenge of Leadership combines the characteristics of being group oriented, reflective and clinical. First, this means that the personal experiences of the select community built during the course get frequent airing. This in turn helps leaders consider their behaviour, increasing their ability to act, reflect and then refocus their actions. They thus become what we refer to as ‘reflective practitioners’. Lastly, the programme uses a clinical framework, drawing on psychoanalysis, family systems theory, developmental psychology and cognitive theory among other disciplines, and applying them to business. The modules will cover the following topics.


diagnosis and change

  • Understanding national and corporate culture
  • Dealing with the ‘undiscussables’ of organisational life
  • Group dynamics and team building
  • Creating a coaching culture
  • Social defences
  • Personal and organisational change processes and transformation processes
  • Interpreting non-rational processes
  • Empathetic listening
  • Dealing with transference and countertransference issues


The executive life

  • The dynamics of power and influence
  • The failure factor in leadership
  • Authority problems in management
  • Regressive behaviour in organisations 
  • Defensive reactions and coping styles
  • Stress symptoms in organisations
  • Managing disappointment
  • Emotional intelligence
  • The leader as coach


Problem solving
and career planning

  • A better understanding of your leadership style
  • Uncovering ‘blind spots’ through multi-party feedback
  • Process consultation – ‘critical incident’ method
  • Managing interpersonal conflict
  • Learning how to coach
  • Life and career planning: establishing a balance

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