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The Strategy Execution Programme is a three-module journey uniquely structured around your own personal context and your own individual strategy execution (challenge) plan. This enables you to learn while doing, following a virtuous circle of reflection, action and further reflection.

It all begins with a carefully structured pre-programme preparation phase, which includes articulating a detailed strategy implementation plan. Then there are five intensive days on campus, before the structured action-learning/application phase, with online and telephone coaching from peers and professors over several weeks. This is followed by a three-day campus module which enables you to hone your skills and perfect your ongoing plan of action. Finally, a third module which focuses on analysing your internal strengths and barriers, competing commitments, internal motivations and how you can manage these to influence stakeholders more effectively.

This modular, interactive format enables our faculty to tailor the content exactly to your needs – and to pass on the most relevant insights from their cutting-edge research. By the end of the programme you will not only have a practical, stress-tested and carefully refined plan of action; you will also have the skills, knowledge and confidence to get results repeatedly.


Module 1: Perfecting the plan on-campus

Five days of sessions on assessing your individual strategy plan, identifying the barriers to execution, developing reflective skills and refining the implementation plan


Intermodular learning and action off-campus

Participants apply concepts and learning by practising in real-life company settings

Faculty facilitate tele-conferences and online discussions to maintain momentum and sustain the participant network


Module 2: Strengthening your skills on campus

Three days of sessions developing additional skills to complement the previous module and inter-module learning


Module 3: Personal assessment and role effectiveness

Three days of sessions to understand the psychological dynamics between strategy execution practitioners and stakeholders

Strategy Execution Stress Test


We apply the Strategy Execution Stress Test* to every participant’s strategy execution plan to ensure that it is actionable and effective. The Strategy Execution Stress Test is a cycle of evaluation and revision that systematically improves strategy execution plans.

*Copyright © 2011 Michael Jarrett & Quy Huy. All Rights Reserved.

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