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Content Overview


The INSEAD Business Sustainability Programme is both theoretical and experiential. Through class discussion, case-based work and interactive expert-led sessions, you will reflect deeply on how to transform in order to navigate change, and to fully leverage the opportunities that sustainable practices can deliver.

Some of the many questions we explore in the programme include:

  • What are the most pressing business sustainability issues for your industry and your organisation?
  • What competitive advantages can be gained by accounting for the social and environmental impacts of my business?
  • How should can you start to implement change and have a positive influence?
  • How can you best lead your organisation towards business sustainability objectives?


Building the Case for Sustainability

  • Understanding the challenge and need to manage stakeholder pressures that bring environmental and societal issues into a firm’s agenda.
  • Making the business case for sustainability in your organisation.
  • Anticipating and accommodating stakeholder demands to create a strategic/proactive approach for sustainable business practices.


Sustainability as a Strategic Opportunity

  • Understanding the business models that align with a sustainable future.
  • Reframing traditional strategy thinking to see sustainability as a business opportunity and a platform for competitive advantage.
  • Identifying sustainability opportunities in your industry and how to prioritise them.


Sustainability in Execution

  • Gaining the knowledge to implement and operationalise sustainable practices, given the unique challenges of execution.
  • Discovering the frameworks and tools for implementation, as well as the projection of future challenges.
  • Learning from real-life case studies delivered by senior business leaders.


Sustainability Measurement, Reporting and Financing

  • Navigating key sustainability measurement and reporting challenges.
  • Understanding the role of regulatory bodies in shaping the reporting on sustainable economic behavior of corporates.
  • Exploring the role of investors and lenders in supporting businesses’ sustainability goals.
  • Assessing the use of sustainable financing (green, sustainability linked bonds and loans).

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