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Content Overview


Over five intensive days of case studies, experiential exercises, group work and lectures, the programme explores the business outcomes of R&D. It includes the following components.

Managing a portfolio of processes for different types of innovations

  • Why is it important that portfolio management goes beyond financial evaluations?
  • What are the best practices for devising competitive portfolios?


Innovation strategy
and execution

  • What are the ways in which R&D can contribute optimally to overall company goals?
  • Are there alternative sources of innovation other than product or technology?


Measuring R&D innovation performance

  • Why are many current evaluation systems unsatisfactory?
  • What does a good R&D measurement system look like?


Structures for portfolio innovation

  • What does good team management consist of?
  • How do you put in place structures when teams are globally diverse?


Organisational innovativeness and idea creation

  • Which R&D processes foster creative organisations?
  • How can we increase organisational creativity?

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