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Executive Education


SAL-INSEAD Legal Leadership and Strategy Programme

This programme applies business school methodologies to address leadership challenges faced by legal professionals

Upcoming Sessions
2 days
S$ 7,412

Content Overview

About SAL-INSEAD Legal Leadership Programme (18-19 April 2024)

“From Lawyers to Leaders” - The skills that make one a good lawyer doesn’t always make one a good leader. When legal professionals take on leadership positions, they need pivotal leadership skills to manage and inspire their teams.


Day 1 (18 August 2024)

Day 2 (19 August 2024)

8.30AM - 1.00PM

Leadership Challenges and Transitions

Leadership Decision-Making

2.00PM - 6.00PM

Team Dynamics and Team Decision Making

Leading Organisational Change

6.00PM - 8.00PM

Fireside Chat & Cocktails


Leading Organisations

Leading effectively requires the capacity to “grow” with one’s organization, adapt flexibly to the changing demands of the company and its task environment, and continue to develop and learn. Importantly, it requires one to master the psychology of power in leadership— the ability to navigate organizational landscapes and lead without formal authority. 

This programme will explore the challenge of transitioning to leadership roles and how do legal leaders develop a culture that fosters personal and professional growth and psychological safety. Through the use of a real-world case and Power and Influence stimulation, Participants will delve into the dynamic world of organizational change and gain insights into navigating organizational politics and people dynamics.

Leading Self & Others

To make complex decision through ambiguity, leaders need to engage in critical thinking to make sure that the data they are using is relevant and of high quality. A decision-making exercise will be used to discuss predictable problems when making decisions under uncertainty and incomplete information, and how leaders can achieve their goals by creating a process that helps them structure the decision-making process.

In Leading Others, the ability to lead teams and collaborate across business units is fundamental for leaders. Leaders need to be able to draw on the expertise, experience, and insights from diverse individuals to find cutting-edge solutions to overcome the complex challenges in today’s business world. The session will discuss strategies and techniques for optimizing group performance, how to empower others in your group, how to lead by example, and how to align individual and group objectives.

About SAL-INSEAD Legal Strategy Programme (15-16 August 2024)

This unique programme applies tools and frameworks to help participants develop and execute effective and competitive strategies that can optimise an organisation's growth and overcome key challenges to growth. Participants learn to overcome obstacles and refine their strategy execution capabilities which they can apply to their own organisation.


Day 1 (15 August 2024)

Day 2 (16 August 2024)

8.30AM - 1.00PM

Strategic Thinking for Legal Professionals

Pursuing M&A in the Legal Industry

2.00PM - 6.00PM

Powering the Organisation's Growth
Strategy/Strategy Execution for Legal Professionals

Strategic Partnerships in the Legal Industry

6.00PM - 8.00PM


Fireside Chat & Cocktails

21st century law practices: Build agile and sustainable law practices
Strategic Thinking: Understand strategic challenges and develop effective strategies to improve performance and attain competitive advantage
Strategic Execution: Learn tactics to overcome obstacles and refine your strategy execution capability
Growth Strategy: Learn best practices to help overcome challenges to growth of organisation
Innovation: Gain practical tools to innovate your firm's services

Case studies, lectures, classroom discussions, and small group discussions will provide participants opportunities to deliberate on the determinants of sustained success. Exposure to real world issues will help participants work through possible approaches and solutions to the problems that leaders in the legal profession and in professional service firms including law firms confront on a daily basis.

The anticipated time commitment that participants should consider investing in pre-programme readings is expected to be approximately 5 hours at maximum.