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Content Overview


INSEAD’s five-day B2B Marketing Strategies programme explores the marketing competencies B2B companies need to win in this environment. Through detailed case study discussions, lectures on cutting-edge concepts, group work and company visits, you will strengthen your capacity to build effective B2B marketing experiences that deliver results across all touchpoints in the customer journey.

You will return to your organisation with the tools you need to lead a more productive sales and marketing team. You will also be able to better integrate marketing into your company’s strategy, creating added value for your customers and unleashing growth for your firm.

Action-based learning is a core element of the B2B Marketing Strategies programme. Participants each bring a B2B marketing challenge to address over the course of the week. This involves defining a clear roadmap for implementation to help you achieve effective, tangible outcomes.

Topics covered include the following:


Understanding value for your customers

  • Explore a strategy framework for sustainable growth
  • Understand how to create value for your organisation by creating value for your customers (a multi-dimensional meaning of value)
  • Learn the importance of segmentation as a starting point of your strategy
  • Analyse what has and has not changed when applying traditional frameworks in an agile world
  • Understand and leverage ecosystems and external partners to identify new growth opportunities
  • The new rules of competition
  • Embrace the ‘3 laws’ of being successful in a digital world
  • Grasp the new rules of competition as well as today’s B2B customer’s and their evolving needs and expectations
  • A value-based approach for creating competitive advantage through ecosystems.


(Co-) Creating value for (and with) customers

  • Understand how to leverage innovation to achieve superior growth
  • Explore how to break away from commoditisation and differentiate your organisation from the competition
  • Transform your existing business model and define new ones for next-generation growth
  • Define a roadmap for growing beyond products into value added service and outcome-based customer solutions
  • Learn to compete on outstanding customer experiences across multiple channels, rather than focusing on selling better products
  • Recognise the role of new platform-based businesses and learn how they differ from traditional product- or pipeline businesses
  • Leverage ecosystems and the opportunity to assemble those ecosystems to achieve key objectives


Communicating value

  • Analyse the importance of a seamless omni-channel approach along the customer journey
  • Develop a digital, content-driven strategy that enables you to better engage with customers and create outstanding customer experiences
  • Understand and leverage the power and importance of communities and influencers.


Delivering value

  • Understand the digital trends that are disrupting your business
  • Gain insight into today’s customers and their evolving needs and expectations
  • Explore why digital should be the default approach to customer engagement and not just a bolt-on
  • Improve the customer experiences across channels and touchpoints
  • Deconstruct and analyse your own customer journey(s)
  • Learn how to leverage digital trends and technology at the most important touchpoints in the customer journey
  • Discuss the key enablers that allow for a digital transformation
  • Preparing people and organisations for continuous change
  • Assess your current organisational capabilities and flexibility in the light of potential game changers
  • Understand the importance of a flexible, agile and collaborative organisation.


Capturing value

  • Understand how to capture the value you create along the customer journey
  • Leverage the power of value-based pricing
  • Move offers “from free-to-fee” (F2F) where it makes sense
  • Explore new pricing models in a digital space
  • Learn how to execute your agile strategy
  • Understand how to deal with low price competition.


Leading and implementing marketing change

  • Marketing means constant change: new customers, disruptive competitors, new channels to markets, innovative pricing approaches
  • Grow into your role as a marketing transformation and change agent
  • Share with peers some best practices of leading marketing organisations
  • Discuss how to embed transformation as a core principle in your marketing organisation
  • Reflect on your role as a marketing leader and change agent and define your roadmap for leading your team tomorrow.

Guest speakers and company visit


You will gain access to outstanding guest speakers who will share their experiences with building and leading high-performing marketing organisations. You will also join a field trip to learn firsthand from an inspiring customer centric marketing organisation. This visit will provide insights into how you can apply innovative and agile marketing approaches to achieve your goals quickly.

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