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Executive Education


Leading Teams

Elevate your understanding of the critical importance of team leadership to the ongoing success of your organisation.

Content Overview

Leading Teams leverages the latest thinking and research on team leadership to deliver fresh, evidence-based perspectives and actionable ideas for taking charge, inspiring teams and driving better results. Building the right teams, enabling their decision-making, leveraging their diverse expertise, and empowering them to work together to align different types of relationships: these are core capabilities that any effective leader will need to prioritise in order to create and sustain value for their organisation.

Over the course of five days, you will explore the following critical team leadership topics:

Team Leadership Challenges

Identify different sources of motivation and how they are linked to team member performance, and learn how to give effective feedback.

Leading High Performing Teams

Understand synergies and process losses in global virtual teams, and discover how to make your teams more effective.

Team Expertise

Understand how to recognise expertise diversity within your teams, and utilise expert opinions more effectively.

Effective Decision Making

Identify biases in team decision-making, improve the quality of judgments, and develop robust team decision-making processes.

Building Executive Alignment

Discover how to help your team negotiate more effectively to create and capture value with other teams.

Resolving Team Conflict

Explore conflict resolution techniques and how to solve difficult situations.

Power, Persuasion, and Influence Patterns

Master persuasion and influence tactics within and between teams, and how to use them with integrity.

Leveraging Teams to Implement Change

Understand how to use team members’ social capital to navigate complex change initiatives.

The programme integrates engaging, real-world case studies, computer-based simulations, role-playing and coaching, and deep discussion with faculty, experts and diverse peers to accelerate your capacity for team leadership, and to equip you with a personal roadmap for success. You will emerge as a more effective team leader, with the inter-personal understanding and the capabilities to empower your people to create and claim more value.