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Programme Directors


Nathan Furr

Associate Professor of Strategy

Nathan Furr is an associate professor of strategy at INSEAD where he teaches innovation and technology strategy. Nathan earned his PhD from the Stanford Technology Ventures Program at Stanford University and has held permanent or visiting positions at INSEAD, ESSEC, and BYU.

Nathan’s research focuses on innovation and technology strategy, particularly how new and established firms adapt to technology change and enter new markets.

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Jason Davis

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise

Jason Davis is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise at INSEAD. He is an expert on digital transformation and innovation in large enterprises and the strategies of startups in digital platform ecosystems.

His research has focused on issues of collaboration and adaptation by 'big tech' computing companies in Silicon Valley and Seattle, fast experimentation by mobile app ventures on the iPhone and Android platforms, and the social media strategies of the Fortune 500 companies using Twitter and Facebook.

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Charles Galunic

Professor of Organisational Behaviour
The AVIVA Chaired Professor of Leadership and Responsibility

Charles Galunic works within the fields of Organisation Behaviour and Strategy. His research concerns the social fabric of innovation and change, and at multiple levels. At the individual level, he has studied the influence of social networks on a manager’s ability to innovate. At a corporate level, he has studied structural changes and the processes which help firms to adapt. The latter work is also concerned with organization culture, including its alignment with strategy, how it changes, and the role of leadership. Finally, he is concerned with Leadership transitions, that is how managers develop their leadership skills and identity.

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