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Content Overview


Aspiring Directors Programme is built around the following major themes:

  • Understanding the broader context in which boards operate and the responsibilities that come with a director mandate
  • Gaining an overview of the knowledge and competencies expected from directors in today's environment
  • Engaging with topical issues such as the growing impact of digital technology on strategy and organisations, and on the role of the board
  • Developing director-specific competencies that contribute to the creation of a high-performing board
The programme will focus on the following fundamentals:
• What is corporate governance?
• Understanding the main corporate governance systems
• What are the main institutions, roles and processes in corporate governance?
• How best can directors exercise their responsibilities in the boardroom?
• Understanding the different types of directors
• Board fundamentals: responsibility and effectiveness
• Board dynamics, efficiency
• Board structure and the role of committees
• Learn finance literacy for directors
• Understanding the job market for board directors
• What are the new challenges for directors: diversity, sustainability, digital, etc.

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