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Marketing and Sales Excellence Initiative


Subscription Business Bootcamp @ INSEAD Europe Campus

10 - 12 Mar '25

Subscription Business Bootcamp @ INSEAD Europe Campus

10 - 12 Mar '25

Subscription Business Bootcamp @ INSEAD Europe Campus


The Subscription Economy is the next business tsunami. How to seize subscription-based business opportunities? Are we ready? What is needed for success? In this workshop, we share experiences and explore best practices; help participants understand the key challenges and opportunities, and chart a step-by-step path to master the strategic subscription journey. Learn from experts what it takes to thrive with subscription-based recuring revenue models for data monetization.

Discover why now is the perfect time for subscription models:

  • Subscription growth opportunities: market size and key customer and technology trends fueling subscription growth.
  • Subscription maturity (Where are we today?) and critical issues that drive success or failure when moving to subscription-based recurring revenue models.
  • Best practices in designing and implementing subscription models: pricing, packaging, marketing, monetization strategies.
  • Effective metrics and dashboards for monitoring subscription revenues and profits.
  • Organizing, scaling-up and driving change for lasting subscription success.

A 2.5-day bootcamp by INSEAD Marketing & Sales Excellence Initiative (MSEI), facilitated by Professor Wolfgang Ulaga (INSEAD) and Michael Mansard (Subscribed Institute, Zuora). It is a hands-on, immersive workshop and learning experience that allows participants to deep dive into what it takes to design and launch a successful subscription business.

Overview of the Subscription Business Bootcamp


Participant Testimonials - Subscription Business Bootcamp


The agenda is tentative and subject to changes. Be sure to check it regularly for updates.

Q1 2025: Day 1 (8.30am - 5.30pm CET)

Session 1
Subscription Tsunami & Subscription Strategy Roadmap

This session first sets the stage for our Subscription Business Bootcamp. Subscriptions are often described as the next business tsunami. We discuss why now is the time for subscription-based business growth. We explore the key customer and technology trends that accelerate subscription-based recurring revenue growth in both B2B and B2C markets.

Next, we discuss the key building blocks of a Subscription Business Model. Subscription businesses are a game changer, both for start-ups and for established players who wish to explore subscriptions and grow beyond their traditional core. We identify key factors of success that senior executives must know and provide a roadmap and key milestones that managers apply for successfully creating and implementing a subscription-based business model.

Finally, we ask participants form teams to work on the launch of a (hypothetical) Subscription Model. Throughout the different bootcamp sessions, they first select an innovative subscription concept, clarify its customer promise and target customers, design a subscription offer accordingly, and think through the ramifications of their pricing model. On final day of the bootcamp, teams pitch their subscription project.

Session 2
Subscription Experience & Subscription Offer

How to design innovative subscriptions? How to integrate all components into a coherent offer? How to build flexibility into the bundle? In this session, we first deep dive into the subscription customer journey and explore key steps and critical touchpoints along the customer journey. This serves as the basis for discussing the power of Fast Commercial Prototyping for crafting and delivering innovative subscription offers end-to-end. Best-in-class subscription offers achieve cost-effective customer excellence. They meet individual customer needs exactly, provide greater degrees of freedom for customers, and remove complexity throughout the experience. At the same time, they also allow for achieving excellence in costs-to-serve.

 There will be a group dinner for participants. More details will follow later.

Q1 2025: Day 2 (8.30am - 5.30pm CET)

Session 3
Pricing Subscriptions for Profits

Subscription revenue generation and recognition fundamentally differ from traditional go-to-market models. Therefore, in this session, we squarely focus on key success factors of subscription monetization strategies.

Which pricing approaches are available? Which pricing formats to choose from? Under what conditions? We learn first-hand from best-practice cases by industry leaders.

Session 4
Metrics & Dashboards: Customer Engagement 2.0 – Focus on Customer Success

In this session, we review together what it takes to turn subscription models into a revenue-and-profit machine. Subscription businesses fundamentally change the way companies engage with customers, 24h/7.

To understand the imperatives of Customer Engagement 2.0. in a Subscription Economy, we discuss key metrics and dashboards managers need to know for implementing such recurring revenue models successfully.

 There will be a group dinner for participants. More details will follow later. 

Q1 2025: Day 3 (8.30am - 12.30pm CET)

Session 5
Organizing for Subscription-Based Business Growth

In this session, we bring all elements of the puzzle together and discuss how to make subscription business a lasting success.

To this end, we review how to organize, scale-up and integrate subscription business within existing structures and processes and how to drive change to ensure subscription revenues’ long-term success.

Next, we turn to the subscription projects that teams have worked on throughout our sessions.

Teams pitch their subscription concept and gain feedback. This review across projects allows us to return to the key ingredients needed for mastering subscription-based revenue growth.

 Lunch (optional) will be arranged for participants. More details will follow later.




Please refer to the table below for the applicable fee per participant. The specified fees will be in effect starting from 1 February 2024.

  • Standard Fee
    (Rate for individual attendee)
EUR 4,950
  • INSEAD MSEI Members
    (MSEI corporate members or individual members)
EUR 3,950
  • Zuora Guests
    (Zuora clients or attendees invited by Zuora)
EUR 3,950
  • Team Discount
    (Rate per attendee for a team of 3 or more individuals)
EUR 3,650

The fee per participant comprises access to workshop materials, meals and refreshments over the 2.5-day bootcamp. Travel and accommodation costs are not included. VAT will be added to the above fees where applicable.

Background information

We will share more materials when they are ready. Watch this space!

  1. INSEAD Knowledge Article: Five Ways to Optimise Your Subscription Model 
    Wolfgang Ulaga, INSEAD Professor of Management Practice, and Michael Mansard, the Subscribed Institute | 1 March 2023
  2. INSEAD Knowledge Article: Can the Subscription Economy Save Financial Services?
    Wolfgang Ulaga, INSEAD Professor of Management Practice, and Michael Mansard, the Subscribed Institute | 27 January 2021
  3. INSEAD Knowledge ArticleRecession-Proofing the Subscription Economy
    Wolfgang Ulaga, INSEAD Professor of Management Practice, and Michael Mansard, the Subscribed Institute | 14 August 2020
  4. INSEAD TECH TALK XProfiting from the Subscription Economy – What Executives Need to Know
    Wolfgang Ulaga, INSEAD Professor of Management Practice, and Michael Mansard, the Subscribed Institute | 10 June 2021


Some hotel rooms on the INSEAD Europe Campus will be pre-booked for bootcamp participants. 

For suggestions of other hotels located near the INSEAD Europe Campus, please refer to this hotel listing.

For further assistance, please contact [email protected].

Practical information

How to get to INSEAD?

Please click here to get directions to the INSEAD Europe Campus.

Taxi reservations can be made directly through:
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Tel: +33 (0)6 43 74 85 90
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Dress code

The dress code will be business casual for the bootcamp on Campus.