INSEAD and African Leadership University partner to launch Strategic Leadership in Africa executive education

New partnership will deliver an executive education programme in 2020 aimed at helping leaders in Africa transform business and society

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18 March 2020

INSEAD, The Business School for the World, is partnering with African Leadership University (ALU) School of Business to launch Strategic Leadership in Africa. This executive education programme focuses on leading organisations and capturing opportunities in Africa’s rapidly evolving business environment. The programme will be held in June and November 2020 in Kigali, Rwanda.

Succeeding in Africa requires strategic vision, exceptional leadership and the confidence to manage change. A growing population and immense investment potential point towards a bright future for Africa, yet challenges remain. Markets on the continent are becoming increasingly integrated, even as the global economy becomes more volatile. Policy uncertainty and rapid technological change are barriers to long-term planning. This INSEAD and the ALU programme can guide African executives to navigate these challenges and become a force for good, delivering value to communities and companies on the continent and around the world.

INSEAD Dean Ilian Mihov says, “We look forward to partnering with ALU, one of Africa’s leading institutions of higher education, to give executives living, working, and doing business in Africa a competitive advantage. Africa is poised to grow economically and become a major player on the world stage. With a mission to bring together people, cultures and ideas to develop responsible leaders, INSEAD wants to shape that growth with new, innovative business models that promote business as a force for good.

The Strategic Leadership in Africa programme offers an integrated curriculum covering four topics – Understanding Strategic Challenges in Africa, Building High-Performing Teams in Diverse Environments, Understanding the Context of Doing Business in Africa and Developing Leadership Skills for a Changing World. The curriculum is designed to be practical and relevant, with integrated elements that reflect the real world.

ALU School of Business Vice Dean Catherine Duggan says, “This programme is designed for professionals who are helping their organisations thrive in the rapidly growing and rapidly changing pan-African market. We aim to bring together some of the most exciting leaders from across the continent looking to expand their networks and meet people facing similar issues. The dynamic and participant-focused programme, combined with an accomplished and diverse group of participants, will leverage the insights of the group for a rich and practical learning experience.”

INSEAD and ALU School of Business faculty will teach with a problem-based approach, exploring real-world cases faced by organisations in Africa and working through the actual challenges participants face. The programme will provide tools and analytical techniques to help manage current and future challenges.

Loïc Sadoulet, Affiliate Professor of Economics at INSEAD adds, “Success in Africa’s markets as a corporate executive or an entrepreneur requires strong and strategic leadership. This programme uses a diverse and highly practical approach, with real case studies and examples from Africa, to enhance leadership skills and develop a problem-solving purpose driven mind-set. Together with ALU, we can give leaders the insights and skills to build and manage high-performing teams.”

To learn more about the first Strategic Leadership in Africa programme or reserve a seat, visit INSEAD Executive Education on the web.



About African Leadership University:

ALU School of Business (ALUSB) is pioneering a fresh approach to business education, tailored to the needs of a rising Africa.

Based in Kigali, Rwanda, ALUSB’s vision is to serve as a catalyst for prosperity in Africa by developing African business leaders and entrepreneurs to help make this century The African Century.

Leveraging blended learning technology and combining a world-class business education packed with African case studies and the practical experience of doing business in Africa, with a signature V^3 leadership development programme focused around the leadership elements of virtue, value and vision, ALUSB provides the skills and network to succeed as a pan-African business leader.

The ALU School of Business is a part of African Leadership University (ALU), which is accredited by the Higher Education Council of Rwanda.

More information about ALU School of Business can be found at

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