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INSEAD Basile Antoine Meguerdiche Endowed Scholarship

About Scholarship

This endowed scholarship was established by Samia Jambart Meguerdiche INSEAD MBA’82 and her husband Antoine in memory of their beloved son, Basile, who passed away prematurely in 2011 at the age of 18. Basile was a brilliant young man. He was hard working and had a strong sense of honour and moral integrity. “Bon vivant”, he was cherished by his friends and left a lasting impression on all those who knew him. He was a fighter and a go-getter. Every time someone would wish him good luck, Basile would reply “la chance est pour les faibles” (i.e.: “the strong make their own luck”). The donors hope that beneficiaries of this scholarship will share the same values. May Basile’s memory and legacy convey faith in a better life, and hope that one day, at the end of our journey on earth, we will meet in a world filled with love, peace and joy.


The scholarship supports INSEAD's commitment to bringing outstanding men and women professionals to the programme and will be awarded to talented Lebanese candidates who require financial assistance. One award will be made each year.

Amount of Award


Application Format

To be considered for this scholarship, please submit through the Financial Aid Application.

Application Deadline

Please refer to the Financial Aid Application deadlines.