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MBA Programme


Personal Leadership Development Programme 

PLDP Curriculum


The programme runs alongside the course of study. It starts before the student arrives on campus and continues throughout the MBA programme. It consists of personal and interpersonal assessment tools, communication awareness, leadership-skills development, as well as professional and peer-based feedback on existing experiential learning opportunities, such as simulations, role plays and group exercises. Grounded in adult learning theory, it follows the Learning Cycle of engaging in, reflecting on, concluding and planning for an experience.


Personal and Professional Identity Narrative (PPIN)

One-to-One Coaching (Optional)


Self-Directed Developmental Exercises


Psychometrics: 360, personality tests

Professional Coaching
(Face-to-Face, Virtual Group and Individual Coaching)


Communications Mini-Course


  • Intergroup Dialogue Sessions
  • Communications Mini-Course
  • Classroom Sessions


Integration with existing course content, cases and exercises


Integration across Career Development Centre sessions and coaching


PLDP Journey




The PLDP also runs in parallel with career coaching provided by INSEAD’s Career Development Centre (CDC). The career coaching helps you articulate your career goals based on your value system and desires whereas the PLDP coaching gives you an opportunity to reflect on and explore your effectiveness in leading your own development and leading others. These complimentary approaches at times cover similar ground while working towards distinct aspects of helping you to be the best and most effective version of yourself.


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