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Abu Dhabi Executive Fellowship

About Scholarship

INSEAD established its Abu Dhabi campus in 2010. One of the INSEAD GEMBA objectives is to establish a platform for people from a multitude of cultural backgrounds to congregate and learn best practices in leadership and management. The INSEAD learning experience is participative and it is enhanced by professional and cultural heterogeneity. Differences in experience and opinion help stimulate debate and test concepts. Abu Dhabi Executive Fellowships will help to attract the best talent from around the globe to the INSEAD GEMBA Middle East section. Abu Dhabi Executive Fellowships will be awarded based on merit to candidates whose background, work experience and personal profiles will bring unique diversity to INSEAD.


Open to Middle East section applicants only

Amount of Award

Several awards will be made per Class. The award cannot be cumulated with another INSEAD scholarship. It will override a previous scholarship award that you may have possibly received. Funding is subject to confirmation and change each year.

Application Format

Answer the essay question after registration.

Application Deadline

Round 1 deadline: 14 April 2024 2 awards of 22,000 USD will be announced at the end of April 2024 Round 2 deadline: 21 August 2024 5 awards of 22,000 USD will be announced in early September 2024 Fellowship funding may be subject to change each year.