Country rankings


A.T. Kearney
FDI confidence index, 2020

Healthiest Country Index, Feb. 2019
Bloomberg Philanthropies / BOP Consulting / Mayor of London
World Cities Culture Report and Data, Nov.  2018  (published every 3 years)


World wealth report, 2020


Country risk ratings, June 2020

Control Risks

Riskmap, 2020

Dell / Crunchbase / IHS Markit
Women Entrepreneur Cities Index: rating cities that attract and support high potential women entrepreneurs, Sept. 2019

Big Mac index, July 2020(published in January and July)

Glass-ceiling index, Mar. 2019

Economist Intelligence Unit
Democracy index 2019, Jan. 2020 (free registration required)

Global liveability index, 2019 (free registration required)

Inclusive Internet Index, March 2020

Worldwide cost of living report, 2020 (free registration required) (See also top ten chart)

Ernst & Young

Renewable energy country attractiveness index , May 2020

Fraser Institute

Economic freedom of the world, Sept. 2020

Freedom House
Freedom in the world, 2020
Freedom on the net, 2019

Fund for Peace
Fragile States Index, 2020

Global Entrepreneurship Research Association (GERA)

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, 2019/20 (see also full report)

Heritage Foundation
Index of economic freedom, 2020

World competitiveness rankings, 2020

Global information technology report (GITR) / Network readiness index), July 2019
Global innovation index (GII), Sept. 2020

Global talent competitiveness index (GTCI), Jan. 2020
Emerging Markets Talent Index, 2019

ITU - International Telecommunication Union
ICT indicators by country - excel - interactive (latest available)


Cost of living - city ranking, 2020 (free registration required)

Quality of living - city ranking, 2019

Michigan State University

Market potential index for emerging markets, 2020


Better life index: comparing well-being in OECD countries, 2020

PISA education ranking, 2018 - published Dec. 2019 See also comparison map (published every 3 years - next ed scheduled for 2022)

Reporters Without Borders

World press freedom index, 2020

Startup Genome
Global startup ecosystem ranking, June 2020

Transparency International
Corruption perceptions index 2019 

United Nations
Human development index, 2020

World happiness report, March 2021

World Bank
Business environment indicators (Enterprise surveys) N.B. Dates vary by country

Doing business, 2020
Worldwide governance indicators, 2019

World Economic Forum
Global gender gap report 2020, Dec. 2019
Global competitiveness report, Oct. 2019

Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy/ Columbia CIESIN

Environmental Performance Index,  Jan. 2020


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