Company rankings




Boston Consulting Group

Most innovative companies, 2016

Brand Finance

Global 500: the world's most valuable brands, Jan. 2019

BrandZ (WPP/Millward Brown)

Top 100 most valuable global brands, 2016

Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuters)
Top 100 global innovators, 2016
CB Insights
Global unicorn club, Mar. 2018

Corporate Knights Magazine
Global 100 Most sustainable corporations in the world, Jan. 2019

Fast Company

World's most innovative companies, Feb. 2017

Financial Times
FT500, June 2015 (INSEAD users: log in to first) N.B. No longer published. 2015 is the last edition.
Global top 100 brands, July 2018

Global 2000: the world's biggest public companies, 2016

World's most innovative companies, 2016

100 Best Companies to Work For, 2017
Global 500, Aug. 1, 2017 
World's most admired companies, Feb. 2018

View all Fortune rankings -

World's 50 most popular brands (based on social media), 2016

Industry Week
World's 1000 largest manufacturers, 2016


Best 100 global brands, 2016

VC Unicorn report, Aug. 2017 (free registration required)
Reputation Institute
Global CSR RepTrak: the 100 most socially reputable companies, Sept. 2017 


Global innovation 1000, 2018

Unicorn leaderboard, Apr. 2017

Transparency International

Transparency in corporate reporting: emerging market multinationals, July 2016
Transparency in corporate reporting: world's largest telecommunications companies, Nov. 2015

Transparency in corporate reporting: world's largest companies, April 2017

University of St. Gallen
Global family business index: largest 500 family firms in the world, 2016
World's most attractive employers for business students - overview - top 10 list, June 2017

Wall Street Journal
Billion dollar startup club (unicorns), Feb. 2018 (free registration required)


Africa & Middle East  

MEED Business Review
MEED 100, Oct. 2018 (INSEAD users: login required)
South Africa: Brandfinance
Top 50 most valuable brands, June 2018



Americas: LinkedIn
Top Companies: where Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the US want to work now, Apr. 2019

Brazil: Exame
Melhores e maiores, Sept. 2016

Brazil: Valor

Valor 1000, Sept. 2016 (via EMIS)

Latin America: Americaeconomia
Las Mayores 500 Empresas de America Latina, March 2017 (via EMIS)
Latin America: Latin Trade
LT 500: Latin America's largest companies, June 2016
North America: Barron's
Barron's 500, Apr. 2016 (see also the Table)

US: Campden FB (formerly Families in Business)

Top 10 wholly-owned US family businesses, May 2016

US: Corporate Responsibility magazine
100 Best corporate citizens, May 2018

US: Entrepreneur magazine

Franchise 500, 2017

Top 100 brilliant companies, May 2016

US: Forbes
America's best small companies, Apr. 2019

America's largest charities, Dec. 2018
America's largest private companies, Oct.2018

US: Fortune
Best companies to work for, 2017
Fortune 500, June 2018


Best places to work, 2017

US: Inc. Magazine
Inc 5000: Fastest-growing private U.S. companies, 2016

US: Industry Week

America's largest manufacturers, 2016




Asia: Forbes

Asia's Fab 50, Sept. 2018

Asia: LinkedIn
Top Companies: Where China, India and Japan want to work now, Apr. 2019

China: All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce
ACFIC Top 500 private firms, 2016  (see also China.orgN.B. only top 10 shown.

China: Brand Finance
China 300: the most valuable Chinese brands, March 2018

China: BrandZ (Kantar/Millward Brown)

Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands,  2018

India: Business India
Super 100, Nov.-Dec. 2017

India: Business Standard

BS 1000, Feb. 2016

India: Business Today

BT500: India's top companies, 2015




Austria: Trend Top 500, 2017
Belgium: Tendances Trends
Les Gazelles: entreprises les plus dynamiques, 2017 (by province)
Europe: Financial Times
FT1000: Europe's fastest-growing companies, March 2019
Europe: LinkedIn
Top Companies: where France, Germany and the UK want to work now, Apr. 2019
France: Figaro Etudiant
Most attractive employers for recent French graduates (in French), May 2017
France: L'Usine Nouvelle
Les 100 premières usines de France, July 9, 2015
Germany: Manager Magazin
Euro 500, 2016

Portugal: Diário Económico

1000 Maiores Empresas, Dec. 2015

Spain: Actualidad Economica
Las 5000 mayores empresas espanolas, 2015 (pay-per-view only)
UK: Financial Times
FT Future 100: British companies making an impact, either on society or in their industry, Sept. 2018
UK: Management Today
Britain's most admired companies, 2016


Banking & finance 


Top 1000 world banks, July 2018 (free registration required)

Top 100 African banks, May 2018 (free registration required)

Top 100 ASEAN banks, April 2018 (free registration required)

Top Islamic financial institutions, Nov. 2018 (free registration required)


Banking 500: most valuable banking brands, Jan. 2019

Financial Times
FT 300: Top US registered investment advisers, June 2018
Global and country bank rankings, 2017

Global Finance

Biggest emerging markets banks, Nov. 2015

World's best banks, Oct. 2018

Institutional Investor's Alpha
Hedge Fund 100 list, May 2016 (See also: ranking overview)

Private Equity International

PEI 300: Largest PE firms in the world, May 2017 (free registration required for the full report)


Top 50 investment banks / Best investment banks to work for, 2018


Health care


MedAd News
Top 50 pharmaceutical companies, Oct. 2017
Top 100 biotechnology companies, June 2015 (See also alternate link)

 Pharmaceutical Executive
Top 50 pharma companies, Aug. 2018

Scrip 100 2018: world's top 100 pharma companies, Dec. 2017  (INSEAD members: 2019 ed. available in print, on request)
Scrip Asia 100 2019 


IT & technology  


American Banker
Fintech Forward 100: top 100 technology providers, Oct. 2016
Top 20 Fintech startups to watch, Oct. 2016
Top 25 enterprise companies in Fintech, Oct. 2016

Business Insider
Top Fintech "unicorns" (private companies), Aug. 2016
Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuters)/ Derwent World Patents Index 
Top 100 global innovators, 2016


Technology Fast 50 in Central Europe, 2017

EContent 100: Top companies in the digital content industry, Dec. 2015

Financial Times
Europe's 100 digital champions, Nov. 2018
New Europe 100: Eastern Europe's emerging technology stars, Nov. 2017 

Fintech City
Fintech 50: hottest fintechs in Europe, June 2017
Fintech Top 100, 2016
KPMG/ H2 Ventures
Fintech 100: leading global fintech innovators, Nov. 2017

Megabuyte 50 2017: top private UK companies in software and ICT, Nov. 2017
Megabuyte Quoted25 2018: top UK mid-market quoted companies in software and ICT, June 2018
Top emerging stars 2018: top high-growth UK companies, Mar. 2018

MIT Technology Review
10 Breakthrough technologies (and key players), Feb. 2019

Total Telecom

Global 100: world's biggest operators, Apr. 2018 (free registration required)

World Economic Forum

Technology pioneers, 2015


Marketing & media 


Advertising Age
Marketing fact pack: World's largest agencies; Largest global advertisers, 2016

AMA - American Marketing Association
AMA Gold Top 50 US market research firms, May 2018 (free registration required)


Top 100 annonceurs en 2016 (top adspend in France), March 2017


Effie effectiveness index: the world's most effective agencies, advertisers and brands, May 2018

Warc creative 100: the world's most creative campaigns, brands and agencies, 2018

Warc effective100: the world's most effective campaigns, brands and agencies, 2018






Top 250 global retailers, 2018
Entrepreneur magazine
Franchise 500: top global franchises, 2018
Euromonitor/ Retail Asia
Top 50 retailers in Asia Pacific, 2017 (free registration required)
Progressive Grocer
Super 50: top U.S. supermarket retailers, May 2018




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