MBA Graduation


Class of DECEMBER 2016


Marina Bay Sands Singapore, 20 December, 2016 – Théâtre Municipal de Fontainebleau, 21 December, 2016


The Graduation on Social Media


The graduation in Singapore will be live-streamed on this very page. It will also be available to view on INSEAD's YouTube channel. The graduation in Fontainebleau will unfortunately not be live-streamed, however it will be filmed and videos from the graduation will be published to INSEAD's YouTube channel shortly after the event.


Whether you're graduating or you know someone who is, share your graduation day highlights for all the world to see! #INSEADGrad


If you're part of the Class of December 2016, tweet about your experience of the day. If you're getting involved from a distance, tweet your messages of celebration to our fantastic graduates. Either way, don't forget to add #INSEADGrad


Share your graduation day highlights for all your friends and family to see! #INSEADGrad


Photographs from the day will be hosted on INSEAD's official Flickr account shortly after the event. These will include pictures of the ceremony, the group photo, and candid shots from throughout the day.


Graduates, once you're fully instated as INSEAD Alumni you will have access to the INSEAD Alumni Group on LinkedIn – here you will be able to connect with over 17,000 fellow alumni. Request to join the exclusive group here.

While doing so, don't forget to update your LinkedIn profile with details of your newly acquired MBA!


Please help us congratulate the class on WeChat.

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