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Faculty & Research


Marcel Corstjens

Emeritus Professor of Marketing

The Unilever Chaired Professor of Marketing Emeritus


Additional Information
Research Areas
  • Retailing
  • Social Media
  • Marketing Insight
  • New Products
  • Value Creation and Value Capture
Teaching Areas
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Branding
  • Retail and Distribution


Marcel is the Emeritus Professor of Marketing and the Unilever Chaired Professor of Marketing, Emeritus, at INSEAD.

After his studies in Belgium, Marcel received his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. His doctoral dissertation won first prize from the American Marketing Association. He taught at Berkeley, University of California, and in 1978 he joined INSEAD. He has been a visiting professor at Cornell and Stanford universities.

At INSEAD, Marcel has conducted his research and consulting activities in marketing strategy with a particular focus on innovation, distribution channels and the interaction between distributors and manufacturers. His current research focuses on the relationship between manufacturers and retailers in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry.

Marcel is the author and developer of a number of educational computer-based simulations and decision-making support systems (most recently, Allocator and phValue). His most widely known products are Stratpharm and Elexir simulations for the pharmaceutical industry, accompanied by a book Marketing Strategy in the Pharmaceutical Industry, and Storewars designed for the FMCG industry. Based on Storewars, Marcel and his wife Judith Corstjens co-authored a book Store Wars: The Battle for Mindspace and Shelfspace (J. Wiley & Sons), which analyses and proposes strategies for manufacturers and retailers in the FMCG industry. Marcel is the creator and director of the Storewars programme for senior executives in the consumer goods industries.

Marcel has published articles in a number of international academic journals including Marketing Science, Management Science, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Researchr, Journal of Business. His research has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, and The Economist.

Marcel's consulting activities focus on marketing strategy in the pharmaceutical and FMCG industries.