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Faculty & Research


Dylan Glover

Assistant Professor of Economics


Additional Information
Research Areas
  • Labour Economics
Teaching Areas
  • Prices and Markets
  • Econometrics (PhD)


Dylan's research involves studying the effects of discrimination on job search, matching and on-the-job productivity, the impacts of changing firm recruiting behavior on employment creation and how the rich perceive wealth inequality and questions of redistribution. He received his bachelors degree from UC Berkeley in Political Economy with a focus on International Development and subsequently moved to Paris and joined the Paris School of Economics in 2007 to help start J-PAL Europe. He then led an RCT in Morocco for two years aimed at evaluating the impact of an entrepreneurial support program provided to small businesses and rural cooperatives. He obtained Masters degrees in Economics and Economics & Public Policy from Sciences Po and Ecole Polytechnique in France followed by a PhD in Economics in 2017 from Sciences Po. Before joining INSEAD as full time faculty, he was a post doc at INSEAD's Stone Centre for the Study of Wealth Inequality. In 2018, he was awarded the Malinvaud prize as the Best Young Economist in France and also the Best Young Labour Economist prize from the European Association of Labour Economists for his work on labor markets and discrimination.