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Factors That Influence New Generation Candidates to Engage with and Complete Digital, AI-Enabled Recruiting

Journal Article
Recruiting talent has moved from a tactical HR activity to a strategic business priority. This has been driven by shifts in the source of firm value and competitive advantage and the critical role of human capital in those shifts. Technological advances have moved digital, AI-enabled recruiting from a peripheral curiosity to a critical capability. However, we know little about candidates' reactions to AI-enabled recruiting. Consequently, in this study, the authors examine the role of social media use, intrinsic rewards, fair treatment, and perceived trendiness on the intentions of prospective employees to engage with and complete digital, AI-enabled recruiting processes. The positive relationships between these factors and candidates' engagement with AI-enabled recruiting have several important practical implications for managers. The authors also examine the larger implications and make general recommendations to firms about using AI-enabled recruiting technology and tools.

Adjunct Professor of Global Leadership and Strategy