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AI-Enabled Biometrics in Recruiting: Insights From Marketers for Managers

Journal Article
Both researchers and practitioners are only in the early stages of examining and understanding the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in terms of marketing themselves as employers or the open jobs they have. AI has the potential to significantly affect how firms reach, identify, attract, and select human capital. The authors examine factors that can influence a job candidate's intent to complete AI-enabled recruiting processes, especially the influence of a firm's use of biometrics in that process. The results show that (1) social media can increase technology use motivation and AI-enabled recruiting with (2) trendiness as a first stage boundary condition and (3) biometrics as a second stage boundary condition. The authors contribute to marketing knowledge by identifying that for managers wanting to influence job seekers’ technology use motivation in order to increase their participation in AI-enabled recruiting; they must focus on the indirect effects of trendiness, biometrics, and their social media usage.

Adjunct Professor of Global Leadership and Strategy