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Value Capture Selling: How to Win the 3rd Sales Transformation

Award Winning
For years, sales professionals have focused on creating value for their customers - the first phase in selling. However, in today’s fast-moving world of business, that is just not enough. Under increased financial pressure, businesses today are being pushed to move to an emphasis on the second phase of selling: the capture of corporate value. However, as all-too-many business leaders are finding out to their great dismay, sales professionals have not been trained in the techniques for the capture of corporate value, and they are at the mercy of very well-trained and tough professional buyers. Value Capture Selling is the first book to address this gap. It is specifically designed to provide sales professionals - both veteran and new alike - with a complete roadmap for making the transition from value selling to value-capture selling, including: Why the creation of corporate value - short, medium, and long term - is essential for the firm and its internal and external partners. How to master the key drivers of corporate value: profitability, market share, and customer satisfaction. How to prepare for value capture. How to frame strategies and tactics for value capture. How to close deals for higher corporate value capture.

Emeritus Professor of Marketing