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A New Theory of Cultural Archetypes: Capturing Global Unity and Local Diversity

This book overcomes the limitations of existing models of national culture by presenting a novel archetypal methodology that captures heterogeneity within and between nations in a simple manner. The authors incorporate this methodology into a new, empirically derived theory of nations as composites of diverse culture configurations (or archetypes). The theory, which is illustrated through data on secular and emancipative values obtained from the European and World Value Surveys, shows the unity and diversity of these values across 117 nations, and identifies trends in global culture over four decades. Based on the authors' research, the book argues that universal archetypes capture the unity and diversity of the global cultural mosaic with precision and fidelity. By reflecting the reality of changing culture around the world with greater clarity, the book’s novel approach provides a comprehensive lens for international business scholars, practitioners, and policy makers to view, understand and explain culture-related phenomena.

Emeritus Professor of Marketing